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Autumn Luxury Pillow Top Natural Latex Mattress


This premium all-natural chemical-free mattress with organic cotton has a balanced feel for a better night’s sleep. The Talalay latex gives a feeling of lifting off the mattress – no sinking softness, no stiffness – just a gentle lift. This mattress is firm, but still minimizes pressure points for a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep.


Autumn Luxury Pillow Top Natural Latex Mattress

Yoga in a mattress. The Autumn Natural Latex Pillow top Mattress gives you that great, healthy feeling!

  • Available in three comfort levels: luxury firm, luxury medium, and luxury soft.
  • Luxury firm has a cushiony top with firm support below.
  • Luxury medium gives you a gentle cushion, while luxury soft is a soft, nest like mattress.
  • Autumns are double sided mattress which not only gives you the ability to extend the life of your mattress, but it also gives the advantage of different firmnesses in the medium and soft mattresses.

The materials: Premium eco-friendly materials.

  • The Autumn luxury pillow top
  • contains all-natural latex rubber, derived from rubber trees using the highest quality processing method- the Talalay method.
  • A thin layer of rayon, a plant-based fabric, provides the fire barrier rather than using dangerous caustic chemical fire retardants.
  • We wrapped the Autumn in a soft, breathe-able organic cotton fabric because of this temperature isn’t a worry,
  • A layer of wool blend quilted into the organic cotton for temperature and moisture control.

All-natural latex rubber is the most durable mattress material, making this mattress both a comfortable and a wise long term investment in your health. All- natural latex is also ventilated, fungus and dust mite resistant and great for people with allergies and sensitivities.

The all-natural latex in the Autumn minimizes side to side motion, allowing for interruption free sleep all night long.

The look:

Plush quilted top. The Autumn luxury pillow top comes standard with a quilted and organic cotton ticking. This bed is approximately 13 inches thick for luxury firm and luxury medium and14 inches thick for luxury soft, which is average mattress thickness.

In the room: Perfect on platform beds, adjustable bases or traditional box foundations.

The Autumn works great on adjustable bases, because the natural latex rubber flexes easily, allowing your to relax watching TV, reading, or raising your feet for comfort and relief of gravity.

You can also choose a high quality organic box foundation wrapped in organic cotton fabric in either standard 8 inch height or low profile 4 inch height. If you prefer a platform bed, be sure to purchase a high quality platform bed with slats no more than 1.5 inch or less spacing.



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