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Pacific Manufacturing Platform Beds

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  • Pacific Manufacturing Black Pepper Platform Bed
      • 389 $
      • 409 $
      • 189 $

    The small, white, Jasmine flower is known for its sweet, delightful fragrance; enchanting us mortals in teas and designer perfumes for eons. As a name,...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Thyme Platform Bed $139.00
      • 459 $
      • 139 $
    The Thyme Bed is like a fresh breeze with the windows open. Light and trim, dress it up, Thyme goes with everything. Shown here in...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Sage Platform Bed $249.00

    The Sage (P-Series) Basic Bed is our entry level model, perfect for loft living, for the kid’s room and for the guest room. Add Storage...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Rosemary Platform Bed $339.00

    Rosemary will grow nearly anywhere, in nearly any environment And it adds great taste to whatever it's combined with. That's one attractive, tough and versatile...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Nutmeg Platform Bed $349.00

    The Nutmeg Bed is a great choice for the contemporary room. Its flared legs and curved-slat styling is a current classic. Shown here in Cherry...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Tamarind Platform Bed $389.00

    The Tamarind Bed is a handsome home for every sort of lush & lovely bedding. Tailor made to be piled high with fluff & comfort,...
  • Pacific Manufacturing Coriander Platform Bed $459.00

    Our Coriander Bed gives you the warm richness of leather, in a trim city style. Smile, stretch out and rest a while, you'll love it....
  • Murphy Cabinet Bed $1,799.00

    Murphy Cabinet Bed Clover series   Easily Converts from Cabinet to bed In under 3 minutes. Easy 2 Piece Installation – Cabinet bed   Our Sagebrush...
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