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Goldfinch Natural Latex Rubber and Coconut Mattress



Goldfinch Natural Latex Rubber and Coconut Mattress

This is a coconut mattress which is made of the highest quality products that are chemical free and hypoallergenic because your sleep matters.

Natural Dunlop Latex

  – Constant reflex provides you superior joint relief, Dust mite and mold resistant, the longest lasting most durable sleep material used in mattresses.

Natural Wool

 Temperature Control For Any Season, an excellent fiber that resists bunching and compression. Wool Is dust mite resistant as well as mold resistant. It’s another stabilizing fiber which regulates moistures and equalizes the environment by wicking away moisture and exporting it to dry areas.

USDA Certified 

Organic Cotton comfort layers

A stabilizing fiber with excellent breathability and a natural renewable resource from the cotton plant. Organic Cotton is chemical and pesticide free making an excellent hypoallergenic sleep surface because your sleep hygiene matters.

  Coconut Coir

Extra Firm 100% Naturally Springy, renewable resource which is strong and breathable for this reason coconut coir is an excellent layer to have in mattresses and great source of support for the perfect sleep.

 Goldfinch Natural Latex Rubber and Coconut Mattress

Why our mattresses matter.

We are a family owned company with emphasis placed on health and wellness because we only carry the best brands. The quality of the mattress as well as customer service is taken into account with each mattress, brand and partnership we make.  We will only extend products to our customers that meet and exceed our expectations. Mattress World and AL Davis Furniture is a third generation company. We have been servicing many of customers and their families for 3 generations. We hope that you become a part of that tradition as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Coconut Mattress


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