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Hold their hand, make eye contact, and rediscover what love is all about. You guessed it! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and San Diego is popping with new ideas to celebrate this special day with your loved ones. Depending on how adventurous you are or want to be, we have a few great hot spots to guide you through.

Take a look at 2018’s hottest sites to celebrate your Valentine’s Day:

The Ultimate Evening Downtown

Whether you’re into happy hour, or going out in the later hours of the night, going downtown in San Diego is a must. You can start by visiting Don Chido for great tacos and signature cocktails. This vibrant bar is elegant and stylish, bringing life to the party.

You can also choose to tone it down with a romantic dinner at Florent Restaurant and Lounge. This wine and dine spot is a combination of romantic and fun with restaurant and clubbing all in one place.

You can finish the night off when the clock strikes 12, by going to the Omnia Nightclub. Here you’ll get the full view of the dancing scene, with great drinks, sound, and energy.

Dinner with a View

If you’re into fine dining with a view, this one’s definitely for you. Overlooking the ocean waves, you’ll be able to enjoy contemporary cuisine along with cool music and simply good vibes.

There’s a beautiful patio where you can hang out while waiting to be seated, or simply to enjoy once you’re finished dining. Sipping on cocktails while watching the sunset is a definite yes for those looking for a romantic outing.

The Gondola Company

It’s not really Italy, but it’s close. Gondola Company offers small cruise-like boats (much like the ones you see in Vienna), to cruise around the fascinating canals of the Coronado Cays. As a couple, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing ride while sipping on selected wines, and keeping warm with the blankets provided before your ride.

You can find great packages for Valentine’s day, such as the Valentino Cruise and Valentino Musica Upgrade. Don’t wait until the last minute, this one gets full fast!

Outdoor Movie

If you’re looking for a fresh and cool new outing, going to see an outdoor movie is perfect. The movie starts at exactly 6 p.m., and screens at the Headquarters at Seaport. Although it’s not a movie that just came out (not at all, in fact), you’ll enjoy some 1930s-style surrounding themes.

With free admission, all you need to bring is you, your partner, blankets, and you’re set! For those on a budget or those who don’t want to splurge, this free movie is a great way to spend a romantic and innovative Valentine’s Day!

Although these are only a few of the hot spots we found in town, they’re definitely worth the try! Whether you want a calm, relaxing, or wild Valentine’s Day, you can choose from those above to satisfy your preference.

Lastly, and most importantly, when you’re coming home exhausted from your unforgettable night, you’ll want a comfortable mattress for your beauty sleep. Browse now to take a look at hot new deals!

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