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Small Carbon Footprint Sleep Guarantee

Why our guarantee is different

Our Small Carbon Footprint Quality Sleep Guarantee begins with high quality merchandise at fair prices. 

Most mattress sleep trials are provided for mattresses made of cheap materials, quick low quality construction, and exorbitantly high marketing budgets. These mattresses are essentially disposable to the company, and no concern is given to reducing landfill waste and reducing the use of petroleum in shipping and making these mattresses (yes, most mattresses are made of petroleum!)

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Reverie Sleep Coach

Participation in Sleep Coach is Paid for by Mattress World & AL Davis Furniture


We commit to helping you achieve comfortable sleep with your new sleep system. We are proud to offer a quality sleep guarantee that balances our customer service offerings and our carbon footprint. 

We ask our customers to commit to their sleep with their new sleep system by ensuring the mattress will be used with a proper bed support, a quality mattress protector, breathable sheets, and hand selected pillows, alongside excellent sleep education and sleep hygiene. We will provide a 100 night sleep guarantee for our customers who purchase select sleep systems 


Purchase a breathable mattress protector, breathable sheet set, and pillows (one for twin or full and two for queen or king) on the same invoice with the sleep system;

Participate in the Premium or Premium Plus Sleep Coach wellness promotion programs;

Purchase a bed support (platform bed, adjustable base or box foundation and frame) from us or provide evidence of existing adequate bed support;

Agree to terms and conditions for our Small Carbon Footprint Quality Sleep Guarantee.


In the event that there is a defect or breakdown of the product beyond normal wear and tear, manufacturer warrantees will be utilized.

In the event that our customer desires a change of comfort preference for the sleep system, we will create an individualized Sleep Comfort Care Plan to improve comfort while balancing our commitment to maintaining a small carbon footprint. We ask our customers to try their new sleep system as purchased for at least 30 days before making adjustments.


The Sleep Comfort Care Plan may include exchanging latex layers from adjustable layer latex mattresses, using mattress toppers, and engaging with the Sleep Coach. We will continue to work with our customers to achieve satisfactory comfort with the sleep system. In the event we exchange a mattress or any bedding product, the item must be dry, hygienic and free of mold, stains, smoke and odors. We do not resell used items. The no stain/mold/smoke/odor policy simple ensures that there is no abuse of our Small Carbon Footprint Quality Sleep Guarantee for the sole reason that the item is damaged, not a true comfort preference. In the event of a mattress exchange, a mattress of equal or lesser non-sale price may be chosen at no additional charge or a higher price mattress may be chosen, and the difference will be due.