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by Spring Air

ChiroPedic 7″ mattress is firm, with 1″ memory foam for comfort on top.

by Spring Air
Spring Air Back Supporter – trusted by millions since 1926. Made in California!
by Spring Air
Laguna Eurotop mattress from the Spring Air Back Supporter line is an affordable luxury

Twin XL Size

The preferred collection allows the natural sleep chamber to perform at its best.

Queen Size

Aireloom mattresses are constructed using the timeless craftsmanship and methods.

Full Size

Our Aireloom Carnelian Luxury Firm Mattress features Tencel New Age fabric

King Size

The preferred collection allows the natural sleep chamber to perform at its best.

Twin Size

Aireloom mattresses are constructed using the timeless craftsmanship and methods.

Twin Xl Size

Our Aireloom Carnelian Luxury Firm Mattress features Tencel New Age fabric

Full Size

The preferred collection allows the natural sleep chamber to perform at its best.

King Size

Aireloom mattresses are constructed using the timeless craftsmanship and methods.

Aireloom Mattress FAQs

Aireloom mattress prices start at around $2,000 and go upwards of $20,000 or more, depending on the model, size, and specific features. The price point reflects the high-quality materials our mattresses are made of, their hand-crafted construction, and the value and longevity you are getting from buying this luxurious product. The Aireloom mattress price varies based on retailers, promotions, and specific collections within the Aireloom brand.

While many other high-end mattresses are available on the market, our Aireloom mattress is unmatched when it comes to superior luxury and value for its price point. The Aireloom mattress cost is comparable to others in the luxury category and provides premium superior comfort and tranquil rest.

Yes, Aireloom is generally considered a high-quality mattress brand. Known for its luxury and handcrafted mattresses, Aireloom emphasizes the use of premium materials, timeless craftsmanship, and methods perfected for over 80 years. Our mattresses feature natural materials, innovative designs, and a focus on comfort and support. Tour luxury mattresses can conform to your body shape resulting in better pressure distribution. Some Aireloom mattresses offer a warranty program with ten-year agreements, depending on the model you buy. Customer satisfaction levels are high for those who have bought an Aireloom mattress.

Aireloom mattresses features contribute to our reputation for luxury, comfort, and quality, making them a preferred choice when you’re seeking a premium sleep experience. We are dedicated to your comfort.  Beneficial features that set Aireloom mattresses apart from other brands include:

Handcrafted Quality: Aireloom mattresses are California-crafted using quality construction and the Aireloom manufacturer provides more attention to detail than other mattresses.

Luxury Materials: Aireloom mattresses are made of high-quality, luxurious materials like natural cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere, as well as advanced foams and coils for comfort and support.

Patented Design Technology: Aireloom uses specific design technologies, like our patented Aireloom Lift™, which creates a buoyant, weightless feel.

Potential Rotation: Our king mattresses feature a unique square design, allowing them to be rotated in four different orientations. This versatility ensures even pressure distribution across the mattress, contributing to a prolonged lifespan.

Customization Options: Aireloom offers a range of firmness levels and customizable options to suit different sleeping preferences and needs.

Targeted Support and Pressure Relief: Their mattresses are designed to provide excellent support and pressure relief, helping to align the spine, and reduce discomfort.

Durability and Longevity: Aireloom mattresses are built to last, using quality materials and construction methods to ensure durability.

Breathability and Temperature Regulation: Natural materials in Aireloom mattresses promote breathability and temperature regulation, enduring comfortable and restful sleep.

Aireloom mattresses are definitely worth the investment. Getting a restful night of sleep on a luxurious, high-end mattress like Aireloom can significantly improve your overall sleep quality. The handcrafted design and high-quality materials used in Aireloom mattresses offer exceptional comfort, leading to more tranquil, undisturbed sleep. Investing in an Aireloom mattress means investing in years of serene, soothing sleep experiences that are worth your investment. Aireloom is dedicated to creating high-quality, luxury mattresses with natural fibers and superior materials that benefit your body, mind, and soul, that positively impact our planet.

Aireloom mattresses have garnered a reputation for durability, attributed to several key factors:

  • High-Quality Materials: Aireloom mattresses are made from durable materials including a blend of natural fibers, which are inherently robust, along with advanced foam technologies. These materials are less prone to wear and tear and maintain structural integrity over extended periods.
  • Handcrafted Construction: Our commitment to handcrafted quality significantly contributes to the longevity of our mattresses ensuring every stitch and layer is placed with precision. The attention to detail in the handcrafting process ensures that each mattress is built to last.
  • Brand Reputation: We have a long-standing reputation for quality and durability. Our presence in the market is a testament to the lasting nature of our quality mattresses.
  • Positive User Feedback: Many customers report that Aireloom mattresses maintain their comfort and shape over time providing them with restful nights over many years.
  • Warranty Offer:  Aireloom mattresses have a 10-year warranty agreement depending on the model of mattress you purchase. We honor our warranty policies according to the warranty agreement and have an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our warranty terms indicate the quality with which our mattresses are made and their expected durability and longevity.

Aireloom is one of the best, highest quality mattress brands out there. The mattresses are handmade with luxury materials used. In fact, Aireloom has sold their mattresses in major retailers such as Bloomingdales.

Aireloom Mattresses Review

While there are several high quality mattresses on the market, few can match up to the luxury Aireloom mattress. It is a premium mattress that is meant to deliver maximum comfort and hygiene more than the average mattress does.

Although the Aireloom Mattress undoubtedly comes with certain advantages, it still has some disadvantages just like any other product. Here is everything you need to know about the Aireloom mattress for you to decide whether it is right for you.

Aireloom Mattress Background

Aireloom mattresses are manufactured by the Kluft company. The high end mattresses are produced in different sizes and forms to suit different sleeping needs. The manufacturer has been in existence since 1950, and as testimony to their attention to quality, bears an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Everyone has a unique body shape and this is a fact that the manufacturer of the Aireloom Mattress pays attention to. The mattress has the ability to conform to your body shape resulting in better pressure distribution, all in a luxury setting.

The Aireloom mattress has a more complicated composition than the average unit. It is built with organic fibres and sometimes comes with damask fabrics for its outer shell. For more firmness and resilience, viscoelastic foam is added to the inner parts.

Each mattress is designed to support your body comfortably without undue pressure or heating while maintaining durability and ease of cleaning. For further differentiation, wool, cotton, latex, and foam may be added to selected models, plus there are different levels of firmness to meet all sorts of preferences.

Notable Features of the Aireloom Mattress

Aireloom mattresses come in different sizes, materials, and grades. Depending on your budget, you have the option to get mid to full luxury units. Selected units of the king size variety come in 7 x 7 ft square shapes. These, it must be noted, are larger than the ordinary king size mattress, making them a great option for those that need more sleeping space.

Most mattress shapes limit the number of directions in which the mattress can be oriented. This speeds up the wear of the unit due to uneven pressure exertion. The square shape of some of the Aireloom king size models means you can position your mattress in any of four ways, which will lead to even pressure distribution, resulting in longer mattress life.

Comfort Layer Materials

Each model of Aireloom mattress comes with a comfort layer. For diversity, the layer of one model differs from that of the next. The variations come in the form of the material used. Some models may have a comfort layer composed of wool, latex, cotton, memory foam, or even regular foam. Some models have a combination of two or more of these materials. The resulting difference in firmness creates even further diversity than just size and style.

Advantages of Aireloom Mattresses

● The shape of Aireloom mattresses means they can be rotated. This is important as it reduces rapid wear and sagging that follows an aging mattress. Certain models, such as the 7 x 7 foot king size, can be turned in four directions which means an even longer life.

● Aireloom mattresses do not hold heat as much as the average mattress. This is a major plus for those whose bodies put off excessive heat during sleep.

● The airy nature of aireloom mattresses, apart from minimising body heat, also reduces the occurrence of mites and mold. This makes the mattress a great option for those with allergies triggered by these foreign substances.

Cons associated with the Aireloom line of mattresses

● Aireloom beds, with all their advantages, tend to be heavier than most on the market. This makes it hard for users to move, rotate, or transport them.

Aireloom Mattress Prices

● The price of Aireloom mattresses has been seen to be expensive. The prices range from $2000 to $20,000. It all depends on the size and model, and what your mattress needs are.

Customer Feedback on Aireloom Mattresses

Customer satisfaction of the Aireloom mattress has been rated at 75 percent after a survey involving owners. Owners of memory foam models have reported offgassing, and there have been reports of the mattresses developing sinkholes with age. Sagged mattresses were reported to cause back pain.

Aireloom Mattress Warranties

● Aireloom mattress have a warranty program with 10 year agreements. The actual warranty length depends on the model you buy. All the times that claims have been made the company has honored its warranty policies according to the agreement.

● There are few complaints lodged against the manufacturer with the Better Business Bureau and this has earned it an A+ rating.

Aireloom Mattress Materials

Aireloom almost exclusively makes hybrid mattresses. This causes the mattress to conform to your body when you sleep. Some of those materials include latext, memory foam, pocket coils, and more. From the top to the bottom, the ordering of material typically includes foam and latex, natural materials and coils. This brand only offers luxury Aireloom mattresses and that means they are good at it.

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