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Best Futon Mattresses For Sleeping

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Welcome to Gentle Home’s curated selection of the best futon mattresses, where style meets functionality for versatile comfort. Our collection is crafted to elevate your living space, providing you with a fusion of modern design and exceptional support. Explore a range of futon mattresses meticulously chosen for their durability, comfort, and adaptability. Whether you’re furnishing a guest room, studio apartment, or a multifunctional space, our futon mattresses cater to your needs with a perfect blend of quality materials and thoughtful design. Uncover the ideal balance between fashion and practicality as you browse Gentle Home’s Best Futon Mattresses collection, and transform any room into a stylish and comfortable retreat.

Our Best Deals as of January 2024

Gold Brushed Steel Bed Frame

Sleigh beds are the ultimate addition to any master bedroom. With its old copper finish and intricately detailed castings, it’s easy to see why this took two years of designing!

Starts at $440.00
Industrial Steel Bed Frame

The industrial steel bed frame is sturdy and built to last, while the transparent finishing blends in with any décor. Available through our partner at Keetsa.com

Starts at $440.00
Steel Box Base Bed Frame

This portable, collapsible base with a sleek design was invented for maximum comfort and is perfect for those who prefer to elevate their mattresses.

Starts at $390.00

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Twill Mattress

Bring new life to your futon frame with this colorful and comfortable 10-inch thick twill futon mattress.

Twill Mattress

Refresh your current futon frame and a splash of color and comfort to your home furnishings with this 6-inch futon mattress.

Filled Futon Mattress

Sit back and chill out with the Avenue Greene Carlisle 8 Inch Thermobonded High Density Poly Filled Futon Mattress.

Chemical-free Cotton

Upgrade your futon frame with this 6-inch Cotton Fiber Futon Mattress that offers natural and cooling comfort.

Rustic Walnut Finish

This unique and versatile Queen-size futon sofa easily converts to a Bed and can find a home in just about any type of room.

Full-size Futon Mattress

Available in a variety of soft twill fabric colors, this mattress provides soft, supportive cushioning that ensures lasting comfort.

Floor Futon Mattress

Its versatility allows it to be used as a Floor Lounger, Camping Mattress, Kids Play Mat, Tatami Mat, Floor Bed, or Temporary Bed.

Futon Mattress

Elevate your relaxation time with the 6″ Extra Thick Floor Futon Mattress, crafted to provide luxurious support like no other.

Queen Futon Mattress

This mattress is an extremely lush, handcrafted organic futon designed to be used as a bed.

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