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Our selected & reviewed organic mattresses are made from latex, cotton, wool and more!

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Our program centers on your best sleep and protecting our environment.
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Luxury Mattresses

Looking for luxury mattresses? We compare compare brands like OMI, Ivy Organics, Brooklyn Bedding, Chattam & Wells, Aireloom, and more.

Choose the mattress that fits your comfort level such as firm, extra firm, and the size you’re looking for from King to Twin luxury mattresses and sets. Our luxury mattresses range from $1,000 to $3,000 and can be shipped locally or nationally.

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American Made Platform Beds & Bedframes

If you are looking for U.S. made bed frames, you have come to the right place! Shop our entire collection of American made platform beds and bed frames now with special discounts and prices.


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Solid Wrought Iron Beds & Bed Frames

Our partners have over 180 different iron beds to choose from, ranging from $430 to $1,119 – all great quality and high end.

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Organic Sofas & Couches

Are you looking for organic sofas in San Diego? Here at Mattress World & Al Davis Furniture, we have high quality & eco-friendly couches at a great price.

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Mattresses Factory Direct

Mattresses Factory Direct

Cartoned mattresses shipped fast & FREE direct to your home, nationwide!

Premium innerspring mattresses, cool gel American memory foam, and some with a 100 night trial!

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Imported Platform Beds

Imported Platform Beds & Furniture

Lowest Prices ever: Solid woods, no particle board.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gentle Home

Everything you need for your bedroom in one place: mattress, bedroom sets, toppers, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors.

Green mattresses are made from natural and organic materials, with no chemical fire retardants.

Our San Diego furniture showroom with all natural and organic mattress models on display of all different brands, styles, and price points is closed as of 2024. We encourage you to go through our valuable collection on our website.

As of 2024, the Mattress World showroom has been closed. 

We offer premium custom made furniture at discount prices: sofas, sectionals, dining sets, entertainment centers and more. You choose fabrics, hardwoods, custom finishes, and styles for long lasting USA made home furniture.

No-pressure sales with our family. You’ll never feel like you’re buying a used car at Genlt Home – we are passionate about sleep and simply helping people find the perfect mattress for them.

Who We Were And Who We Are in 2024

The team behind Gentle Home was a third-generation family-owned mattress and furniture experts who loved to offer great, well made products at great prices.

The original owner “Al” was running a a brick-and-mortar location in San Diego started with used furniture and antiques in a small corner of the current store in 1920, and expanded with the times with catalog sales and discount furniture. The store’s name until 2021 was Mattress World and the website under which products were presented was gentlehome.com. Mattress World’s customers still remember his sense of humor.

The new family owner Bob brought in quality USA made furniture, handcrafted, natural and organic mattresses and all-natural bedding products. Sarah was a midwife and lovesd to find her customers the perfect option for their needs and budget. And Darrell brought a unique perspective from medicine and surgery, science research and the U.S. Navy to help customers find sleep solutions tailored to each individual.

In 2021 during the pandemic the store closed and the website Gentle Home became a magazine and a resource and knowledge base all around mattresses. We now work with different affiliates and partners to provide you our best selection of mattresses and sleep accessories.

History of Gentle Home

Gentle Home under the former owner Bob supported and participated in their community and local economy. They were active in local communities, projects and activism around peace and social justice, ethical small business networking, LGBTQIA issues, immigrant and refugee support, and fair housing issues.

With other small businesses they spoke at the city council supporting the minimum wage increase for San Diego. They were loving San Diego and engaged and supported our community. They bought local goods and services, minimized their carbon footprint and prioritized the earth. From their choice of all natural mattresses and bedding options, they have been supporting USA made furniture manufacturers and put emphasis on Southern California manufacturers, provided “Low Carbon Footprint Sleep Guarantee”, and worked to protect the environment and reduce changes to the climate.

Our children and grandchildren depend on us to protect planet they can safely live on. No high-pressure sales. Instead, Mattress World brought experience in health, wellness, and education to help their customers to sleep better and enjoy safe home furnishing. Their diverse backgrounds informed them on how they were help you to pick mattresses and furniture. They did not high-pressure sales tactics. They did not have commissioned sales people. They did not fake high prices and fake sales deals. They talked to customers about their needs for sleep products and home furnishings, and helped to you their customers what’s right for their home.

Their motto was ” The best and most comfortable sleep at night calls for the best mattresses and furniture in San Diego, California”.

At Mattress World, the best natural and organic mattresses were offered at affordable prices. They were one of San Diego’s best option by saving customers from sleepless nights due to uncomfortable mattresses and furniture pieces.

Priced at unarguably affordable rates, they offered organic, latex mattresses that best suited sleeping comfort needs. Serving the San Diego, California area, Mattress World has provided satisfaction and relief to clients who deserve the best furniture at a cheap price.

This passion and philosophy has been now adapted by GentleHome.com, so we can continue of what Bob and his father Al had built since 1920.

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