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Gols Certification


Organic Pure Dunlop Latex Mattresses, custom designed to conform to your unique body type, Naturally hypoallergenic with perfect air flow, organic latex adds support while maintaining consistent weight distribution, providing superb pressure relief to all areas of your body.

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GOTS Certified Organic Wool ORganic Wool

Sleep like a baby. Organic Wool offers your body ultimate temperature control, muscle relaxation and deeper REM sleep,and is a natural fire retardant. Our mattresses contain nothing but natural and GOTS certified organic wool to create the fire resistants needed to pass all fire-retardant requirements.

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GOTS Certification
Coconut coir

OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Coconut Coir

Each Coconut Mattress offers a relaxing and comfortable sleep, with firm and extra firm support. Our Coconut mattresses combine layers of coconut coir, latex and wool, providing adequate support for the body’s weight, and gently cradles your body’s every curve.

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100% Natural Dunlop Latex

100% Pure Dunlop Latex conforms to your body with a medium density of 75. Our open cell natural latex core is hypoallergenic with air flow keeping you cool and comfortable while adding just the right amount of bounce and support while maintaining consistent weight distribution, especially if your partners weighs more than you. Providing superb pressure relief to all areas of your body. Our latex foam is impermeable to dust mites and discouraging to mold and mildew. So if you have mild allergies our latex sofa bed can give you peace of mind and the medical relief you need to get a good night’s sleep.

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Coconut Coir

Coconut coir offers relaxing, and comfortable sit and sleep while offering firm and extra firm support. The firmer layers of coconut Coir replace polyurethane foams for a natural and healthy cushioning fiber. For our infants to adults we want purely and simply the best, with coconut coir specially designed to insure maximum support while keeping health and safety in mind. Our coconut Coir sofa bed will provide ideal support and comfort. .

Non-GMO Potato Based PLA Fiber

PLA is our potato based fiber similar to polyester fiber without any PETRO-CHEMCIALS! There is NO off gassing and is hypoallergenic. Our PLA fiber resilient material resists body impressions and makes an ideal sitting and sleeping surface. Our Non-GMO plant starch from potatoes is non-toxic, soft and comfortable, wicks away moisture and is certified by Oeke-tx Standard 100. PLA fiber is renewable, biodegradable and is derived from annually renewable crops, 100% compostable and its life cycle reduces the Earths carbon dioxide levels. Yeah for us! .

Micro coils About The Futon Shop

Our micro coils or Pocket Springs are pre-compressed, individually encased coils. Our Individual encasement enables each spring to adjust independently of the others to perfectly support your body in any sleeping position. Our micro-coils are in a honeycomb pattern that minimizes the space between coils. This provides more points of support and a bed that is more responsive than any other spring mattress. Our individually pocketed micro coils are assembled as free-floating, non-bound layers for greater support and responsiveness. Our high coil counts ensures that every coil works independently, creating superior flexibility and natural body contouring while dramatically reducing motion transfer for co-sleepers. Our micro coils design allows the futon or mattress to be forgiving when and where you need allowing you to remain stable across the sofa bed surface. Weight applied to one area doesn’t domino across the sofa bed surface. The result is a quiet yet dynamic sofa bed mattress that performs consistently from corner to corner and edge to edge without dipping or sagging.

Life Smart Fabric

Living smart with live smart fabrics and relax , because whether it is dirty little hands, muddy paws, or spilled wine, life is messy that is why our fabric offers a natural cleanable surface for everyday life. Water resistant, stain resistant and eco-friendly your sofa will look as beautiful as the day you brought it home. Our fabric meets or exceeds standards for ASRM performance and safety. Moisture repellent, repel water and moisture while allowing air to flow fully. Stain resistant, barrier protection stains cannot penetrate fabrics and the heavy duty durability fabric looks like the day you bought it. Simply clean with a damp paper towel, blood, wine, coffee, milk, soda, beer, tea, juices, urine, ketchup, ice cream, chocolate, salsa, jelly, Crayola magic markers, dirt and mud. Our upholstery fabric contains No PFSO or PFOA, No proposition 65 chemicals, No EPA regulated section 313 chemicals, LOW VOC, No formaldehyde, No Phthalates, No heavy metals, No Dishphenol BPA, or Dioxin, No flame retardants and PVC free! Enjoy life, stay spotless.