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Are you in search of the finest innerspring mattresses available online? We have curated a selection of exceptional options in the realm of innerspring mattresses, encompassing a wide range of features and benefits. From mattresses that prioritize organic materials and comfort to those known for their therapeutic properties, we offer a diverse array of choices. Furthermore, our collection includes opulent innerspring mattresses renowned for their indulgent comfort and support.

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This portable, collapsible base with a sleek design was invented for maximum comfort and is perfect for those who prefer to elevate their mattresses.

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Cadence Dream

Diamond Mattress

The Cadence Dream mattress features Diamond’s premium innerspring construction using American-Made materials. Affordable, durable and comfortable. You can rest easy knowing you paid a very fair price for hours of sleeping comfort.

The Intention

Diamond Gift Collection Mattress

The Intention foam mattress’ blend of temperature-regulating technology responds to your body for a soothing atmosphere to sleep in every night. Hyper Conductive Sparkle Foam recalibrates your core temperature down to where it needs to be to fall asleep naturally.

Talmadge Natural Futon Mattress

Highest Quality Sleep Surface

Talalay Latex the highest quality sleep surface in bedding.
Latex of the Spinal Care all natural Bankers Hill latex and wool mattress is dust mite and mold resistant adding to the continued emphasis and health and wellness.
longest lasting and most durable sleep surface with the added benefit of sustainable and chemical free.

MaloufSLEEP 10” Mattress

Thick Hybrid Firm or Plush

The MaloufSleep 10 is a medium-profile hybrid mattress that combines the benefits of a traditional innerspring with a thick layer of well-cushioned memory foam, and provides a ten-year warranty guarantees high-quality construction

Calla Talalay Mattress

Latex Hybrid

The most brilliant sleep solution is derived from predominantly natural matierials, it is the culmination of superior pressure point relief and unique buoyancy found only in premium Oeko-Tex class 1 certified Talalay latex. Combining a luxurious Euro top.

11″ Compassion Mattress

Performance Heat & Wicking Fabric

Helps regulate body temperature while you sleep by moving heat and moisture AWAY from the skin surface

Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants

MaloufSLEEP 7” Mattress

Hybrid Firm or Plush

A high-quality traditional innerspring mattress that is durable, comfortable, and quite supportive. Made using CertiPUR-US certified foams and Oeko-tex certified textiles for your protection.

MaloufSLEEP 8” Mattress

Hybrid Firm or Plush

A high-quality traditional innerspring mattress that is durable, comfortable, and quite supportive. It usually comes with a three-year warranty assures high-quality construction. Made using CertiPUR-US certified foams and Oeko-tex certified textiles for your protection.

Chattam & Wells

by American-Made Ethos Mattresses
The materials: Chattam & Wells Hamilton Pillow Top Mattress has a Four way stretch knit breathable Tencel fabric keeps you cool, dry and comfortable while you sleep.

Innerspring Mattress FAQs

An innerspring mattress is a type of mattress featuring a support core made of metal coils, usually steel springs or coils, surrounded by various layers of padding and upholstery. These coils provide the primary support system for the mattress, offering a responsive and firm sleeping surface. Innerspring mattresses come in open coil, offset coil, and pocketed coil designs, each with its own characteristics and benefits. The padding layers on top of the coils include materials like foam, fiberfill, or natural materials like cotton or wool, providing comfort and cushioning. Innerspring mattresses are known for their durability, support, and breathability, making them a popular choice among sleepers.

Yes, innerspring mattresses are still manufactured and widely available. While memory foam and other types of mattresses have gained popularity in recent years, innerspring mattresses are still a popular choice for many sleepers and appreciated for their support, durability, and affordability. Advancements in mattress technology have led to the development of hybrid mattresses, which combine innerspring coils with memory foam or latex layers, offering the benefits of both. If you prefer the feel and support of an innerspring mattress, you can still find many options to choose from.

Innerspring mattresses have a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited Support: May not offer as much support as other types.
  • Motion Transfer: Transfers motion, potentially disrupting sleep.
  • Durability: Shorter lifespan, prone to sagging.
  • Noise: Some models can be noisy.
  • Allergens: Can trap dust and allergens.
  • Price Variability: Wide price range; cheaper options may lack quality.

Comfort Preference: Comfort varies based on coil count, thickness, and padding.

The choice between a hybrid mattress and an innerspring mattress depends on your preferences and needs. Hybrid mattresses combine innerspring coils with foam layers for a balanced feel, offering support and contouring comfort. In contrast, traditional innerspring mattresses primarily feature coil support.

Hybrid Mattress:


  • Balanced Support: Offers a mix of coil support and foam comfort for good support and contouring.
  • Motion Isolation: Typically better at reducing motion transfer than traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Comfort Layers: Multiple foam layers enhance comfort.
  • Durability: Generally more durable than pure foam mattresses.


  • Price: Tends to be pricier than basic innerspring mattresses.
  • Weight: Heavier than traditional innerspring mattresses.
  • Heat Retention: Some hybrid mattresses may retain heat due to foam layers.

Innerspring Mattress:


  • Affordability: Often more budget-friendly than hybrid mattresses.
  • Bounce: Offers a bouncier feel.
  • Cooling: Better airflow due to coil design.
  • Firmness Options: Various firmness levels available.


  • Motion Transfer: May have more motion transfer than hybrids.
  • Limited Contouring: Provides less contouring support than foam-based mattresses.
  • Durability: Tends to have a shorter lifespan than hybrid or foam mattresses.
  • Comfort: May lack comfort layers found in hybrids.

The best mattress choice depends on your preferences for support, comfort, motion isolation, and budget. 

Hotels use innerspring mattresses for these reasons:

  • Durability: They withstand frequent use without significant wear.
  • Support: Innerspring mattresses provide consistent support for guest comfort.
  • Bounce: Easier for guests to get in and out of bed, offering familiarity.
  • Cooling: Better airflow helps regulate temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Hygiene: Innerspring mattresses are easy to clean and maintain.

Cost-Efficiency: Budget-friendly option for hotels while maintaining quality.

Innerspring mattresses can be used by many people but are particularly well-suited for the following:

Budget-Conscious Shoppers: Innerspring mattresses are often more affordable compared to other memory foam or latex mattresses, making them an attractive choice if you’re on a budget.

People Who Prefer Bounce: Innerspring mattresses are known for their bounciness, which some sleepers find comfortable and easy to move on. They are good for those who prefer a responsive surface.

Hot Sleepers: The coil structure in innerspring mattresses allows for better airflow, regulating temperature and preventing overheating during the night, making them a good choice for people who sleep hot.

Guest Bedrooms: Innerspring mattresses are durable for use in guest bedrooms, providing a comfortable sleep surface for visitors.

People Who Prefer a Traditional Feel: Innerspring mattresses offer a familiar, traditional mattress feel that many are accustomed to and comfortable with.

Individual comfort preferences vary. When choosing a mattress, consider your sleeping position, body type, any specific comfort requirements, and budget constraints to find the best mattress for your needs. 

Hotels use both spring (innerspring) and foam mattresses, depending on their target market, budget, and desired guest experience. Innerspring mattresses are a practical choice for many hotels while foam mattresses, such as memory foam or latex, are chosen by some luxury hotels seeking to provide enhanced comfort and a more luxurious sleep experience for their guests. The choice between spring and foam mattresses depends on each hotel’s specific needs and preferences.

While you can use an innerspring mattress without a box spring, it’s better to use a supportive foundation to ensure proper support and prolong the mattress’s lifespan. You can use a platform bed, slatted bed frame, or an adjustable base instead of a box spring, depending on your preferences.

Innerspring mattresses provide firm support for people with back pain who need a firmer sleeping surface. They provide a responsive feel and ease of movement. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body, reducing pressure on sensitive areas. The best mattress for your back depends on your comfort level and your specific back issues. Consult with a healthcare professional for their recommendations.

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