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OMI / Organic Mattress Inc.

As the most-trusted specialty mattress brand for nearly 15 years, OMI Mattress promotes healthy sleep to complement a healthy lifestyle, with pure and honest products designed to reduce exposure to the many harmful chemicals found in most other sleep products.

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OMI Organic Mattresses Inc. (OMI)® produces luxury organic mattresses and bedding, proudly handcrafted in America from the highest quality sustainable raw materials available. The best part? Their mattresses are certified organic.

The sustainable, organic raw materials used in the manufacture of OMI luxury organic mattresses and bedding products are the finest available, and the most pure. By replacing synthetic materials with natural and organic alternatives, OMI mattresses were the first in America to achieve certification to organic standards, and remain the standard for certified purity® today.

Organic, botanical rubber sap is harvested from rubber trees grown on USDA certified plantations, by hand, using a sustainable process. This sap (also known as latex) is then formed into a “core” for use in organic mattress making. The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified latex used in OMI mattresses and bedding is the most pure available (at least 95% pure) – free from synthetic “fillers” used in most other latex products that claim to be “all natural.”

The OMI organic mattress is the best choice for a sustainable, eco-friendly mattress that will last you years. Sleep comfortably and live sustainably with OMI mattresses.

Organic latex mattresses are durable, comfortable and breathable, providing even, responsive support and just the right amount of ‘springiness.’ Latex mattresses also help you sleep cool, naturally.

Our unbleached, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton knit and woven fabrics are made from the highest quality, organic cotton fiber available, and are never chemically treated. Organic cotton fabrics are exceptionally soft and naturally beautiful.

Luxurious and durable, organic cotton fabrics feel great against your skin and perform exceptionally well over time, tending not to snag, tear, rip or stain, even after many years of normal use making it a perfect choice for a mattress.

The GOTS certified organic wool used in OMI mattresses and bedding products is sourced from New Zealand, where family and commercial farmers adhere to strict standards in order to assure the certified purity of their fibers. Organic pastures and grazing grounds, minimal processing and humane shearing practices (along with other requirements) contribute to the organic standard, to which our wool is certified. Certified organic, New Zealand wool is limited in production and fibre must be sourced years in advance.

The latex cores used in the production of our organic mattresses and bedding are certified organic to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This standard was developed to ensure the integrity of the supply chain for natural rubber latex sap produced and harvested on USDA certified organic plantations. The standard also ensures that latex cores be no less than 95% pure natural rubber latex by composition.

Mattress materials and products displaying the GOLS label are produced under the watchful eye of independent organizations who regularly audit farmers and producers to ensure strict compliance with the GOLS standard, from sap production and harvesting, to core forming and all the way through to final production of complex latex products, such as mattresses.

The cotton and wool fibers, fabrics and threads used in our OMI mattresses, foundations and bedding, as well as kitchen, bath, baby and other products displaying the GOTS seal are certified organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The aim of this stringent standard is to define requirements that ensure the organic status of textiles in order to ultimately provide credible organic assurance to you – the end customer.

Materials and products displaying the GOTS label are produced under the watchful eye of independent organizations who regularly audit farmers and producers to ensure strict compliance with the GOTS standard, from crop growth and harvesting all the way through to final production of textile products.

GREENGUARD Gold certification means our products meet UL’s highest standard for low emissions, VOCs and pollutants, to help ensure indoor air quality and contribute to a healthy home environment. Our products even qualify for LEED credits, and are certified safe for use in schools and for children.

We are proud to say that the first mattresses to ever become certified by GREENGUARD were Lifekind mattresses.

History of Organic Mattresses, Inc.

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) is more than just America’s leading manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding. We are also a full-circle environmental company committed to offering the purest organic mattresses and sleep products available anywhere, made responsibly from renewable materials. Although some people kid us that we incorporated OM (mmmmm), spiritual purity has always been high on our mission statement.

In 2013, OMI became the first organic latex mattress manufacturer in America to offer a fully certified organic latex mattress (we were the first to certify an innerspring mattress years earlier, in 2008).

OMI is the only US-based sleep-products manufacturer committed exclusively to the production of certified organic mattresses and bedding.

How do other organic mattresses compare to the purity of OMI mattresses? What are their components, production processes, and finished-product testing? To know for sure, we invite you to use our purity guarantee when comparing OMI to the competition.

All of our organic mattresses are handcrafted in our own Eco Factory™ in Northern California.

Other popular organic mattress categories include Organic, Natural Latex and Natural Rubber Mattresses and Organic & Chemical Free Mattresses.

Top Rated OMI Mattresses For Sale With Discounts:

  1. Organicpedic Duo Mattress By Omi
  2. Organicpedic® Pinnacle Mattress GOLS Certified by OMI
  3. Organicpedic® Rossa Mattress By OMI
  4. Organicpedic® Cascade Mattress By OMI
  5. THE ORGANICPEDIC® 81 BY OMI Certified Organic Latex Mattress

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Why Choose OMI Organic Mattresses?

The difference between OMI mattresses and other brands is the purity guarantee and transparent certifications that they make public online. OMI is open and honest about their mattresses being certified organic. In fact, they have many different OrganicPedic products such as Organicpedic® Pinnacle Mattress By OMI, which is Pinnacle GOLS-Certified and made of wool, latex, and organic cotton, the Organicpedic® Rossa Mattress By OMI, which has pocket-coil technology paired with certified organic latex at the surface of the mattress.

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Great business and prompt service, the same day, we couldn’t be happier that we found an excellent mattress good quality and real wood bed frame at a great price. Beats Sleep Train in every respect. Angie G.

Reno, NV

I have been looking for a mattress for some time and I prefer to support the local businesses. I stopped by Al’s twice to get a feel for which mattress is best. Bob was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in making my decision. I would highly recommend buying here – plus you avoid the overhead and are welcomed by a friendly face. DuVale R.

San Diego, CA

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