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Organicpedic® Pinnacle Mattress GOLS Certified by OMI

by American-Made OMI Mattresses

The Organicpedic Pinnacle Mattress is an extra-plush 13” sculpted-surface pillow-top mattress made with GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex, organic wool and organic cotton. Available in sizes Twin – King with a 20-Year Limited Warranty.

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Organicpedic® Pinnacle Mattress GOLS Certified by OMI

  • Pinnacle GOLS-Certified Organic Rubber Latex Mattress
  • Organicpedic Pinnacle mattress is an extra-plush 13” sculpted-surface pillow-top mattress made with GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex. organicpedic pinnacle by omi
  • It starts with a 4” core of medium, supportive latex. The core is joined with 3” of firm sculpted-surface latex on the top and 2” of firm latex on the bottom. The mattress is then covered in our signature certified organic cotton and wool quilting.
  • A removable, two-sided pillow top (3 1/2” deep) – also made of 100%-natural rubber latex – is then placed on the mattress. The pillow top is made with two surface options: our exclusive sculpted surface on one side, and a flat surface on the other.
  • This provides sleepers with maximum comfort and flexibility. The pillow top is fully covered with our signature GOTS-certified organic cotton-and-wool quilting, and is attached to the mattress using our exclusive “button-down” process.

Organic Pinnacle Mattress Details:

  • FIRMNESS: Extra-Plush
  • DEPTH: Approximately 13″
  • CORE: GOLS-Certified Organic Rubber Latex
  • COVER: GOTS-Certified Organic Wool and GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton
  • SIZES: Twin – King
  • WARRANTY: 20-Year Limited Warranty

The wonders of wool
Wool is a hypoallergenic dust mite and mold resistant fiber. Wool wicks moisture away from the body and exports it to dryer areas which makes wool a stabilizing force in any environment. The Organicpedic Pinnacle Mattress is completely organic, and sleeps you comfortable without allergens and dust.

Organic Latex Mattress Material

  • GOLS certified organic natural rubber latex
    latex is a great joint pressure reducing material which is also dust mite and mold resistant. latex is all natural, no additives, no chemicals, no pesticides so no worries, Latex is among the longest lasting materials used in bedding and can under the right conditions and care last twenty years. With latex in your mattress you rest assure that you will be on the best possible sleep service because we are committed to your sleep hygiene.
  • Organic cotton
    Organic cotton is a pesticide free, chemical free fiber from the cotton plant. This amazing fiber is used as for stabilizing and protecting other fibers. This naturally cool extremely breathable fiber is the closest to your skin, so its cleanliness and integrity is paramount to you and to us. We care about your sleep environment and your sleep hygiene.

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