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High Platform Beds

We offer many platform beds that do not require the use of old-fashioned box springs or foundations. Some platforms are imported from the Far East while others are manufactured in the United States. Woods offered include solid oak, solid maple, solid ash, rubberwood, and more. Many of the styles are offered in multiple finishes and very affordable such as our wood platform beds.

Our Best Deals as of January 2024

Gold Brushed Steel Bed Frame

Sleigh beds are the ultimate addition to any master bedroom. With its old copper finish and intricately detailed castings, it’s easy to see why this took two years of designing!

Starts at $440.00
Industrial Steel Bed Frame

The industrial steel bed frame is sturdy and built to last, while the transparent finishing blends in with any décor. Available through our partner at Keetsa.com

Starts at $440.00
Steel Box Base Bed Frame

This portable, collapsible base with a sleek design was invented for maximum comfort and is perfect for those who prefer to elevate their mattresses.

Starts at $390.00

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Platform Bed

The emBrace™ bed frame will enhance the appearance of your bedroom and provide a stunning platform for your luxury mattress set. This high-performance bed frame is designed to actively help eliminate sound that results from contact between a bed and its foundation. Contoured side rails and tapered legs establish the emBrace™ as the vanguard of bedroom fashion.

Platform Bed

The Bedder Base Can Support Today’s Heavier Bedding. There Is No Need For A Foundation Or Frame. Spacious 14″ Height For Extra Storage Under The Bed. Quality Steel Construction – Heavy Duty Cross Bars & Wire Mesh.

Nomad Furniture

The doweled headboard is an age old design that has always been a favorite of all age groups. This bed is available in Red Oak or Hard Maple. Like all of our beds, the Ranch does not have exposed connectors.

High Platform Beds

Most Families get this Wrong. They fork out huge amounts of money on beds that do not ultimately serve their purpose as best as they can.

A bed should not just be a piece of furniture you prop your body on. It should be comfortable, space friendly, and, of course, it should be appealing to the eye, seamlessly complementing the aesthetics of your bedroom.

But, that’s not all. Your health might actually be at risk if you sleep on the wrong bed. The problem is, most people are not even aware how far reaching a piece of furniture like a bed can be in their day to day lives.

First, you have the mattress. Then there’s the actual bed support you place your mattress on. Both are important, but when it comes to the bed support, you have more than enough reasons to choose a platform.

First, what exactly are we talking about when we say platform bed? Granted, they come in different types, platform beds do have a basic form which all can agree on.

They come with a foot and headboard and they have rails running along the two left and right side panels. On top of the rails are slats that join the two rails, placed at intervals of a few inches apart, from the headboard to the footboard. The slats form the platform on which you place your mattress.

Within this basic form, a platform bed can be customised to have additions like bookshelves, drawers, and other storage spaces. It can be a closed box with no access to the underside, or it can have legs which leave free space underneath.

Whether you’re a newlywed couple or an already established family trying to shop for a bed, you will have many options to choose from. These options include mattress sets, iron beds, traditional wood beds, water beds, and even portable folding beds!

So, what is it about platform beds that sets them apart, slowly making them the darling of most American bedrooms?

You Won’t Have to Use Box Foundations

An ordinary metal frame bed usually comes with an inadequate support system. The frame rests on the ground with merely 2 or 3 strips of metal that cross the frame. As you might imagine, this is definitely inadequate to support most mattresses on the market today.

You need to buy some extras to ramp up the base and normally, this is a foundation/box spring unit.

By buying a platform bed, you are getting a full package that includes both the frame and the base support as one. Their panel and slat system make for a formidable base which makes a foundation/box spring unnecessary.

Bear in mind that your bed should have a solid base with an adequate surface area if you want to qualify for your mattress manufacturer’s warranty. Most platform beds meet this requirement without needing any more support.

You Can Save on Space

A typical foundation/box spring bed with a bed frame runs from the top to the floor. This is the way beds have been set up for years, and there seemingly is no need for change.

Or is there?

For starters, the appearance of foundation/box spring systems create the feel of less space in the bedroom since they run all the way to the floor. This may not sit well with the aesthetics of the room, especially if it’s small. Secondly, and more importantly, you lose out in the way storage space you could have gained from a platform bed.

Platform beds are either suspended on legs or a wood panel box. Both of these constructions leave space underneath which can prove useful if you are short on space. But that’s not all. You can buy a platform bed with specially built storage spaces.

It can be anything from a shelf to drawers in the side panels of the. In short, you not only free up more space in the bedroom to create a more relaxed effect, but you actually get more storage space.

Platform Beds Are Cost Efficient    

Although you may not realize it, you spend more money than you should by buying a mattress with a foundation/box spring system. Typically, you will need a bed frame and a rail system for the floor. Then to supplement the scanty two-rail cross support that comes with the frame, you need a box spring.

The box spring alone may cost anywhere from $300 to $500, and that’s just a typical unit, nothing special.

That’s cash you can easily save by choosing a platform bed. It combines these three into one whether it comes with a slat support system, or a panel. Most actually are designed with a built-in head and foot board so you get to save on those too.

Of course, this does not mean you will be sacrificing quality. There are lots of good bed manufactures, for example, The Bedworks of MaineNomad FurnitureGreenington BambooPacific Manufacturing, and others.

Platform Beds Come in More Modern Stylish Designs

If you are talented in interior design, you might have more room to express your taste with a platform bed. In the past few years, manufacturers have come up with different sleek modern designs, which would have been difficult or plain impossible with foundation/box spring units.

For example, you can have a sleek, minimal look  with a low head and footboard. This makes for a sleek feel. Then there is the ability to make stylish additions to your bed, like a headboard that incorporates a fancy book shelf, nicely designed drawers in the sides, and bed posts with crafty designs.

…And Classic Designs Too

But choices are not all ultra-modern. With platform beds, it’s possible to opt for a more classical touch. Manufacturers today still make traditionally designed beds, taking after the some of the earliest craftsmen in America.

What’s more, these are made with some of the finest woods, like cherry, maple, walnut, oak, ash, alder, and even bamboo. Platform beds give you both enhanced form and a more effective function.

Although there are countless designs to satisfy literally any taste out there, platform beds fall into four major categories.

1. Modern Platform Beds

The modern type of platform beds have their origins in Europe. They have simplistic designs and beautifully utilize form with function.  Most are made using wood, metal, or even plastic. Sometimes, they can be made from upholstered boards. The material and size are usually the main determinants of a modern platform bed since little emphasis is placed on intricate designs.

2. Asian Style Platform Beds

The Asian type of platform bed comes with design elements from Asian architecture. They are often plainly-styled, but still carry an exotic look. These are among the most popular types of platform beds available. They embody the precision and minimalism that is found in Japanese art.

To fully capture the Japanese essence, some Asian style platform beds are designed after tatami mat beds.

Others have a more exotic bent to them. These are built with either the ancient or modern Japanese architectural art forms. They are symbolic of the slow and peacefully paced lifestyle encouraged in the southern parts of Asia and when in the bedroom, the same calm feeling that they embody pierces the atmosphere.

3. Storage Platform Beds

There are platform beds that perform more functions than simply supporting your mattress. In a space-tight bedroom, you might want to buy a storage platform bed. They are elevated enough to leave room underneath, which you can use to store items. This can be handy if your closet is packed.

But the design still makes it possible for shorter people to climb onto the bed. The most popular type of platform storage beds are ones with built-in drawers. Many people also like to utilize the open space under platform beds with plastic or wooden crates or boxes.

4. Traditional Beds

These are designed with a more classic appearance which is reminiscent of ancient American furniture/It is very common in American homes. These can be manufactured to have certain elements borrowed from the Asian style and other taken from the American type.

As expected, they come in different material grades but are usually manufactured using wood or particle boards.

Getting a new bed is always significant decision. That’s because unlike food or even clothes, a bed is something you have to be with for a long time, and it effects your overall well-being. It’s a long-term purchase and you should give yourself at least 10 years before you should start looking to get a new one.

Since this is where you spend 30 percent of your time sleeping, it’s important that you get the best that you can. Now what makes a good platform bed? Here are three things to consider.

Manufacturers use a variety of materials when making platform beds, like we have pointed out earlier. As you settle for a bed of your choice, you have to match the strength of the materials for each bed and the durability you’re shooting for.

For example, if you are trying to get a bed to use for the rest of your life, your primary materials will be hardwoods or premium bamboo. Otherwise if your purchase is only meant to last a couple of years, you might go for some of the less durable materials like composite boards or softwood.

Since better materials are more expensive, you should be prepared to spend more if you are looking for something durable.

What is the Size of the Room?

The size of the room will also be an important factor when choosing a platform bed. Storage beds, for example afford you some more storage space apart from just your closet. If you have a small bed room, this might be the bed for you.

This is probably the same type of bed that should be used in a kid’s room as well. It gives them that extra space to store their endless toys which might otherwise be a mess.

What Decor is in Your Bedroom?

Even if you are not big on décor, it is important for your bed at least not be, “The elephant in the room”. It has to blend in with the general feel of the bedroom. Although the effects of such details might be subtle, they are still significant and can have psychological effects on people.

What Mattress Should Go With Your Platform Bed?

One of the greatest advantages of buying a platform bed is that there is no need to buy foundation/box springs or even metal frames since the structural support needed comes included in the bed.

The mattress is completely safe and comfortable on the slats or panel of wood, metal, or any suitable material, as long as the platform is well-designed and well-constructed.

You can almost use any mattress type of your choice on your platform bed but, there are just a few things you have to consider.

What’s the Spacing of Your Slats?

Firm mattresses can do just fine on slats with wider spacing. The slats themselves might even be a little narrower than normal. But, if the mattress is softer, the effect of the wide spaces might become obvious after prolonged use. It would be important to have narrower slat spacing with this type of bed.

Having that in mind will help you make a wise decision with your mattress purchase.

Some mattresses, especially synthetic foam ones, sleep hot and have the tendency of developing mold. The best type of platform bed for such mattresses is one that has adequate spacing to allow ample air to flow through.

Organic latex rubber mattresses are much better in this regard as they do not develop mold or attract dust mites. We recommend platform beds with a tighter slat spacing with our latex rubber mattresses.

What Comfort Level Are you Looking for?

Each person will have their own version of what feels right. Different people are comfortable with different mattress types; organic latex, synthetic latex, memory foam, innerspring, etc, and this will affect the type of platform bed you should consider.

How High is the Platform Bed?

Platform beds come in various heights. When buying a mattress, you should put this into consideration. Getting a mattress that’s thick, along with a very high platform bed, will result in a bed that may be awkward to sit on. It may even be a little inconvenient for shorter people, especially kids, and even pets.

On the other hand, a very thin mattress with a low platform bed might be hard for some people to get in and out of bed with.

100% Organic Latex Mattresses: These can be heavy as they are made from organic rubber latex. Their heavyweight demands a sturdy platform bed. It is always best to have closer slat spacing on platform beds used with latex mattresses, but the softer the latex is, the closer the spacing needs to be. Good center support legs are always important also.

Synthetic latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses made from a core of synthetic latex with top layers of wool, cotton, rayon or more latex, need slats that have smaller spaces between them. The material won’t not last as long when subjected to the uneven pressure that comes with wide slate spacing. It might be a good idea to use a platform bed with a slab base

Memory Foam Mattresses: Platform beds work well with memory foam since it can be heavy. They are manufactured with a base of firm foam, and memory foam on the top outer part.

Innerspring Mattresses: These types of mattresses work great on platform beds. The slat spacing need only be moderately close, as long as sturdy center support with legs in the middle is used.

Futon Mattresses: Futon mattresses are among the lightest. they are made a mix of fibre and foam, and sometimes springs, to make a thin layer of mattress.

They work best on futon frames. If they are to be used on a platform bed, their thinness demands that the slats be closely spaced or preferably come with a wooden slab base.

Additionally, the futon mattress should not be overly thin.

Waterbed Mattresses: By definition, “Hard side” waterbeds are always on platform beds. However, the soft side type might work on a platform bed, as long as the platform is VERY sturdy and heavy-duty.

Foundation Beds: These are beds that come with a box made of wood having wooden slats or sometimes metal supports. Your mattress is placed on a flat solid surface, giving it maximum support. The solid base also absorbs the weight of both your body and the mattress

Box Spring Bed: This type of bed comes with metal spring enclosed in a rectangular box. By working with the springs found in the mattress, they can bear the rigidness of your mattress. The height of box spring bed is often more than other types. Traditional box springs are virtually obsolete. We do not recommend traditional box springs for use with most of our mattresses.

Box Spring Beds vs Platform Beds

Over the past years, box springs have lost their popularity as better mattresses continue to be developed. Solid wood, slat-based foundations, along with “Steel Grid” solid foundations, are the most commonly used types of mattress foundations.

They do not have the springy, “bounce” of old-fashioned box springs. Platform beds are often preferred because they are able to spread your body pressure all over the entire bed which reduces body pains.

One other reason to use platform beds instead of box springs, is that they can work with any mattress without the squeaky spring noises that come from springs as the bed ages. As far as cost is concerned you have the chance to save some cash by going for a platform bed since you won’t have to buy a box spring with your new mattress.

Foundation Beds Vs. Platform Beds

If you have a heavy mattress, a foundation bed might be a great option. However, if you are to compare it with platform bed, it falls back by a few advantages. Firstly, platform beds are cheaper, since you don’t have to buy a separate headboard and footboard,  and are available for different budgets.

Secondly, they come in many different styles and designs, enough to fit, your bedroom’s decor, your space requirements or your general taste.

The options are endless. They come in sharp modern designs and classy victorian types. The storage capabilities make for a great option if you are living in a small apartment where economical use of space is of the essence.

Even for when it comes to stability, platform beds have advantages, since they can be designed with a much lower height as compared to foundation beds. If you are looking to get a bed for your young kids, the platform bed should  be the first place to look. They are generally good for anyone with a high risk of falling off while they sleep.

All in all, box springs are almost falling out of the picture entirely. Foundation beds , on the other hand come with a lot of advantages. But Platform bed take the day since they have all the positive characteristics of a foundation bed and more.

There are many material that can be used to make beds. Platform beds, in particular, are often made out of wood. The wood can be of different grades: Hard, semi-hard, softwood, exotic, bamboo, etc. No matter the wood grade, it can be safely said that the same characteristics apply fairly across the board, with an exception of a few.

What Are the Pros of Wood as a Platform Bed Material?

Wood is Durable: One of the things you’ll be considering as you shop around for a bed is durability. Chances are you’ll be shooting for something to last a big chunk of your lifetime and few materials can beat wood in this regard.

While metal can be stronger than wood in many ways, one area where it falls short is its susceptibility to rust, unless the metal is powder-coated, like most of the iron beds we sell. This can mar the polished surface of the metal, a problem which often time can only combated with paint.

Wood, especially hardwoods and bamboo, can be subjected to humidity without any changes in appearance so long there is a sufficient finish to keep the moisture from getting into the into the wood fibre. Unfinished wooden beds, and beds with special natural finishes, are available for people with chemical sensitivities.

Unfinished beds should always be maintained with oils or waxes by the consumer to keep them from cracking and warping.

Natural Appearance: Of all the materials used to make beds, wood has the most organic feel to it. There’s a warmth that comes with the natural looking timber, something that is hard to find in metal beds. The natural patterns from the wood growth rings only add to this effect.

They work well in both dark themes rooms and lit-up spaces, having an ambience about them that goes well with lighter rooms. This is enhanced if the wood has gone through sufficient polishing.

Wood Can be More Easily Shaped: While metal can be shaped into any form, it is much easier to shape wood with a few sharp tools. This characteristic of wood allows for different intricate designs on the headboard, footboard, the side panels of the bed, or the bed posts. You have numerous designs to fit your taste and go with your bedroom decor.

Wood is a Good Insulator: Wood is one of the best insulators because of the numerous tiny pockets of air found within its cellular composition. This makes it far much better than metal in cold weather. It’s easy to maintain a comfortable warmth with a wooden bed.

What Are the Cons of Wood as A Bed Material?

Of course, wood can’t be all good; it has some cons, too. However, at any rate, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages but it is still a good idea to have both sides of the coin as you buy your wood platform bed.

Wood May Not Be Readily Available in Some Regions: Timber is a natural resource that seems abundant- and it is. However, it is not evenly distributed. This makes wooden platform beds more costly in areas with limited wood.

Wooden Beds tend to Be Heavy: Timber platform beds can be heavy compared to their metal counterparts. That’s because it’s possible to make a bed with hollow metal tubings which make for a light piece of furniture.

But, for wood, the pieces have to be solid and this can be an inconvenience for those that find themselves relocating more than average. The problem can be compounded a hundred times over if you have stairs in your house.

Some Types of Timber Give off Smells: Certain types of timber give off odors that some people would find offensive. These tend to fade over time but they can be strong the first few months after purchase. This, however, is not a very notable problem.

Many people overlook the importance of a good bed and the effect it has on their sleep. Some are actually unaware that insufficient sleep not only harms their performance at work but also has far-reaching effects on their health.

One aspect of your sleep life is your bed. There are many types to choose from, but a platform bed offers the most advantages including space economy, different styles, ability to have different classy designs, and the ability to accommodate different types of mattresses without the addition of the box spring.

The materials used to make platform beds also vary but wood is certainly one of the top choices when stacked against the others in terms of the number of benefits.

It’s easy to work with and therefore can be used to make different styles,

it is durable and has a natural warm appearance that blends with most furniture.

It is no accident that platform beds are becoming popular in the US including San Diego; the beds do pack a good number of benefits.

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