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Wesley Allen Iron Beds & Bed Frames

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History of Wesley Allen

Since 1976, Wesley Allen iron beds have graced some of the world’s most elegant bedrooms.

Classic craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing come together to deliver the perfect balance of form and function. We offer an unrivalled number of styles, configurations and finishes to blend beautifully into your lifestyle. Each Wesley Allen iron bed is meticulously handcrafted, proudly made in the USA, and is uniquely yours.

Our Best Deals as of January 2024

Gold Brushed Steel Bed Frame

Sleigh beds are the ultimate addition to any master bedroom. With its old copper finish and intricately detailed castings, it’s easy to see why this took two years of designing!

Starts at $440.00
Industrial Steel Bed Frame

The industrial steel bed frame is sturdy and built to last, while the transparent finishing blends in with any décor. Available through our partner at Keetsa.com

Starts at $440.00
Steel Box Base Bed Frame

This portable, collapsible base with a sleek design was invented for maximum comfort and is perfect for those who prefer to elevate their mattresses.

Starts at $390.00

Wesley Allen Iron Beds & Bed Frames

Brookshire Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

This larger-than-life sleigh bed is the ultimate in nighttime luxury. With an old-copper Finish and exquisitely detailed castings, it’s easy to see why it took two years to design this gem.

Lansing Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The Lansing canopy iron bed with surround frame is spare but elegant, unexpected but beautiful, two-part iron head and footboards combine slight curves and angular lines.

Laurel Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

A delicate garden theme is represented here in this charming piece.

Birmingham Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Back to Alabama where traditions still exist. This unique replica from a country farmhouse has incorporated a mixed media of style from this modern world.

Abington Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Melding elegant slopes and tidy edging, the Abington iron bed features an alluring triptych-like design that transforms a peaceful night’s rest into an invitation to linger well after sunrise.

Garnett Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Garnett Iron Bed Frame For Sale. Pick your own fabric and have this beauty upholstered any color or style you wish!

Jasmine Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The lofty head and footboard of the Jasmine are both framed by impressive ribbed globe finials at the top of each post giving this beautiful bed a Taj Mahal-like silhouette for regal relaxation. Elegant, modern, classic!

Quati Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Influenced by the old beds of the late 19th-century England, this stunning bed is a reflection of classic design with a slight curvilinear distinction.

Aberdeen Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

A beautiful, unique style of American-Made quality. Solid tubular iron with a baked-on finish, not just painted. Over 30 Finishes The character of your Wesley Allen bed comes to life as our talented artisans create the finish you’ve selected for your bed.

Rochester Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Soft yet strong, classic yet modern. The Rochester style highlights connection points showing lovely raised triple-row detailing that wraps around the frame’s edge, bringing this bed’s style to vibrant life.

Evans Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Gentle peaks and curves along the edges of the Evans iron upholstered bed define the structure, forming playful lines reminiscent of gentle ocean waves lapping at a distant shore.

Quincy Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The stunning Quincy Canopy Bed features raised brackets at the connection points, smoothly accenting the flow of each line, ensuring a charming style from the highest canopy corners to the sturdy square feet below.

Stonehurst Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Classic style at home in most modern homes! This bed evokes a time gone by yet welcome in today’s world. Smooth, delicate, and carrying artistic luster, this iron bed fits in.

Remington Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Beautiful glass finials atop a simple, yet elegant headboard and footboard provide a romantic twist on a classic design.

Olympia Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Charmingly ornate, the Olympia features gentle curves and straight lines. Olympia By Wesley Allen Marrying strength and delicacy, the Olympia iron bed personifies unity.

Eldridge Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Charmingly ornate, the Eldridge features gentle curves and straight lines.

Blake Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

A blend of simple lines and intricate posts combine to create a bed of understated beauty that brings an air of freshness to any bedroom environment.

Spencer Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The Spencer Iron Bed By Wesley Allen with Surround & Footboard is a piece of designer bedroom furniture that impresses. Elegant personality of this upholstered iron be will delight.

Laredo Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Right at home on the ranch or in the suburbs, this bed brings out the masculine side with its bold design.

Merrick Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Hand-finished and wonderfully detailed castings highlight the symbiotic relationship of rich color and gentle curves to produce a bed of classic beauty.

Aspen Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Simple, clean craftsman styling is translated into a strong, stunning, and remarkably contemporary bed.

Wilson Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The princely demeanor and handsome countenance of the Wilson twin bed combine the luxury of soft leather with the artistry of carefully designed ironwork.

Braden Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The Wesley Allen Braden iron bed offers a classic warm look, while also providing enough style to fit an updated bedroom design. Heavy bars are accented by delicate inner bars, with a combination of straight lines and curved edges.

Sunset Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The Sunset iron bed blends classic bedroom idealism with a very classy, modern design. It displays unparalleled style and taste.

Mason Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Fresh and inviting, the Mason iron & upholstery bed uses a simple square silhouette which makes it impressive without being intrusive.

Hillsboro Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

The hills of the Shenandoah come to life through this classic artistic interpretation featuring the adornment of flowers to bridge the arches.

Wellington Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

A framed masterful work of art. The detail of the center casting joins the fluid curves of the smoothed edges, creating its unique charactersitics.

Coventry Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Timeless sophistication. The perfect union of strength and delicacy for those who prefer the aesthetic qualities of the classic form.

Montgomery Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

Flourshing sunflower accents give life to the center point of this simple masterpiece.

Sena Iron Bedframe

by Wesley Allen

This bed’s sweet “heart” accents stir up memories of that forgotten love. A statement of timeless romance. Soft and sweet.


A sensational rendition of the sleigh bed, combining masculinity with delicate curves. Each end casting carefully wraps around the strong connecting pull thereby creating the illusion of a classic sleigh.

Canopy iron bed

The Kenton canopy iron bed with surround frame melds old with new. Simple curves and angular iron lines carefully crafted from decoratively wrought iron form a four poster bed that challenges traditional norms.

Advantage of Wesley Allen Beds

By maintaining timeless standards founded in the principles of American craftsmanship, Wesley Allen remains the pioneer of iron furniture manufacturing.

Wesley Allen’s skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology ensure each eclectic piece is unique and carefully handcrafted to create furniture of the highest quality and style. Unibody Construction and experienced craftsmen meticulously weld each piece together then hand-pour each decorative casting directly over the welded iron to create an exceptionally solid bed as uncompromising in strength.

Exclusive Powerbond Finish Expert colorists apply each finish by coating the bed in a powder paint before baking it in specialty ovens at extremely high temperatures, delivering a finish of superior durability and richness. Patented Millennium Frames were carefully designed and are manufactured using high gauge steel to ensure stability and mattress support, making them the strongest frames in the industry. Decorative Hand-Poured Castings are hand-poured directly over the welded iron to create an exceptionally solid one-piece bed.

Durable: The beds are made from high gauge steel which can withstand heavy loads for extended periods of time. The pieces are welded into one solid bed frame which means it won’t come loose with repeated movement. The castings are not made separately then attached to the frame. Instead, they are poured right over it to create one solid bed.

Stylish: While technology has made it easy to come up with different decorations, it is the experienced craftsmen molding the castings that set Wesley Allen beds apart. There are numerous styles to suit most people’s tastes.

Easily Customizable: If you have your own idea, making it a reality is quite easy. Wesley Allen beds offer you different angles from which you can customize your bed, including different configurations, different castings as well as different colors.

Are you looking for high quality wrought iron beds from Wesley Allen? The Wesley Allen Iron Bed Company has been making quality iron beds in Los Angeles for more than a quarter-century. This brand has innovative and exceptional manufacturing while offering classic craftsmanship. Over 100 designs and 30 different finishes are offered. These finishes blend beautifully into any lifestyle and home. Consider Wesley Allen for it’s timeless appeal, craftsmanship and flawless reputation. Whether you are furnishing your new bedroom or just thinking of remodeling an old one and are looking for the best furniture to grace your bedroom Wesley Allen is a great resource . Wesley Allen Iron beds come with all the advantages of iron beds but coupled with over 40 years of experience that has culminated into over 100 different styles of beds, all elegant, all durable. The line of furniture started in 1973 and has consistently served American bedrooms to-date.
Most iron beds on the market are mass-produced overseas.. Wesley Allen Iron Beds go through the hands of America’s finest craftsmen and state of the art technology, which results in unique furniture, each style being a pure piece of art. But that does not mean the beds are unaffordable. Wesley Allen beds are built using a streamlined and fine-tuned production processes that leads to quicker production without sacrificing quality and attention to detail. Our prices include FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING!

The Wesley Allen bed frame is very well-designed and heavy-duty. Special center support insures the finest support for your mattress. The frame is designed to hold your weight for years without sagging, creaking, or breaking. Each piece is permanently welded to create one ‘unibody’ iron bed that stands the test of time.The use of ordinary bedframes is not recommended for the Wesley Allen beds.

The castings on many of the styles are true “Sand-Casted” pieces using time-honored craftsmanshing Each Wesley Allen iron bed is a product of sate of the art technology ensuring precision-made products; and some of the most classic American manufacturing techniques for a stylish touch at an affordable price.

The beds manage to fuse both style and durability. While the decorative castings come with intricate detail, by no means are they weak. They can be trusted to last long since they are hand-poured over the frame, each little decoration being just an extension of the same uni-bed. You can expect the bed to remain intact through many years of use without getting any lose parts, even with such events as moving house.

Wesley Allen Iron bed are built with high gauge steel. That simply means the material is thick and although this makes the bed a little heavier, there is also more durability and increased ability to handle heavy loads without compromising longevity.

For even more diversity, Wesley Allen beds can also come upholstered. There are over 15 high-end fabrics of different colors to choose from. Each of these, while obviously classy in appearance, promises a long life clothing your iron bed. Wesley Allen iron upholstered Beds also come in bonded leather as well which adds an extra layer of luxury to the whole unit. The same attention to detail, and dedication to the use of quality materials is maintained. Even the nails that hold the fabric and leather are carefully manufactured. They come in two main forms: French natural and Pewter.

Sometimes, the available fabrics and leathers might just not do it for you. Perhaps your heart is completely with your own fabric. Wesley Allen beds allow you to use your own material for your upholstered iron beds.

The finishing part is given the same importance as any other stage in the production of the beds. Apart from protecting the metal underneath it, a good finish enhances the visual appeal and allows you to express your own unique style.
Wesley Allen Beds come in over 45 unique finishes. The application method used involves colorists covering the iron bed frames with paint powder by hand. This ensures that every inch of the bed is sufficiently coated.

Using specially designed ovens, the bed frame is then heated to high temperatures, allowing the paint to stick permanently to the metal surface. This results in a rich, long lasting finish that many people have come to love Wesley Allen Iron beds for.

With the environment degrading at a rapid rate, it is a relief to know that although Wesley Allen uses top of the range finishes that adhere to your bed frame for its lifetime, there is no harm to the environment done.

One of the most notable advantages of Wesley Allen beds is the limitless room forcustomization You can conveniently request beds that are specificto your taste. There are, first of all, the base colors plus the customized ones. You are also free to mix and match your colors for further differentiation.
Wesley Allen Iron Beds come in multiple configurations and sizes to suit most needs and preferences. There are seven to choose from but it should be borne in mind that these are just base configurations. With the different castings and colors, the options are endless.


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