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Hillsboro Iron Bedframe By Wesley Allen

Hillsboro Iron Bed

The hills of the Shenandoah come to life through this classic artistic interpretation featuring the adornment of flowers to bridge the arches.

The Hillsboro by Wesley Allen

The rounded frame of the Hillsboro counteracts the firmness of iron furniture design and softens the Hillsboro’s stately look, making it adaptable to a variety of bedroom styles.

Hillsboro By Wesley Allen

Hillsboro Model #1098

Carefully devised architecture, precise curves, and contrasting finials could seem overly formal, but the Hillsboro iron bed creates a timeless sense of fashion keeping any hints of primness in check. Vaulted arches across Hillsboro’s headboard and footboard create an airy look and a well-balanced, proportional feel that’s indescribably pleasing to the senses and elegant yet modern at the same time.

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