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Stonehurst Bedframe By Wesley Allen

Stonehurst Iron Bedframe

The Stonehurst showcases a romantic twist on a traditional design.

The Stonehurst by Wesley Allen

The stunning curvature of the Stonehurst iron bed carries unique mysticism, creating imaginative atmospheres while remaining well-grounded. Exciting and mysterious, the bed proposes a capacity for evocative lifestyles and a true classic feel. Smooth, delicate, and carrying artistic luster, such designer iron furniture surpasses expectations.

Stonehurst by Wesley Allen

Classic style at home in most modern homes! This bed evokes a time gone by yet welcome in today’s world. Smooth, delicate, and carrying artistic luster, this iron bed fits in.

Many finish choice allow the character of your Wesley Allen bed to come to life. Talented artisans create the finish you’ve selected for your bed. Each finish is hand-applied, layer upon layer, to create a distinctive look that unique to your bed.  From start to finish, the Wesley Allen iron bed you purchase is truly one-of-a-kind.

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