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7 Bedtime Snacks That Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping Postures

That’s right, one of your favorite childhood snacks is beneficial for your sleep schedule. Pretzels, and foods like tortilla corn chips, have a high glycemic index. During most instances, you want your blood sugar levels to be steady, to avoid mood swings, energy crashes, and insulin resistance.

When the goal is to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, a spike in your blood sugar is ideal. Pretzels cause a natural spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels, making it easier to fall asleep. The increase in blood sugar and insulin results in an easy route for tryptophan to enter the brain, putting you to sleep in a shorter amount of time.

Cherry Juice

The more tart, the better. When craving something sweet and sour at the end of the day, opt for a cold, tangy glass of cherry juice. One of the many foods that contain melatonin is cherries, and they seem to have the most promising effect on sleep. One study concluded that those who drank 8 ounces of cherry juice twice a day for 2 weeks slept 90 minutes longer per night than those who drank the placebo drink.

Chamomile Tea

Sipping on a cup of warm chamomile tea produces glycine. The chemical soothes and relaxes the nerves and muscles in our bodies, acting as a sedative. Therefore, this sends your body into sleep mode.

Cheese & Crackers

Any food that contains diary will aid in putting you to sleep. Calcium, the culprit that triggers melatonin, is found in all dairy products. Cheese and crackers are a great bedtime snack due to the high calcium in cheese. Additionally, the crackers will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, much like pretzels.


Enjoy a luscious salad for dinner all while benefiting your sleep. Lettuce contains lactucarium, which affects the brain and has the same sedative properties as opium.

Almond Butter on Toast

Go the simple route and munch on a warm, crispy piece of toast with an almond butter spread. The bread should be whole-grain and topped with a tablespoon of almond butter. Almonds contain magnesium, another source that provides muscle relaxation and promotes sleep. If you’re craving something sweet and salty before bed, this is a great way to curb your unhealthy cravings, as well.


Honey, a delightful addition to almond butter toast or chamomile tea, not only enhances flavor but also aids in sleep. Its ability to elevate insulin levels facilitates the entry of tryptophan into the brain, thereby encouraging relaxation and sleep. Just a spoonful of honey can significantly improve your sleep quality. However, it’s important to consume honey at least six hours before bedtime. Its concentrated sugar content can potentially disrupt your sleep if not balanced with sufficient daily activity to metabolize the sugar.

Insomniacs and those who tend to be restless before bed will find these tips helpful for getting to bed faster. Quality sleep is important to your overall health and daily function. If you’re struggling with getting to bed at a reasonable hour, try these 7 bedtime snacks that help you sleep better, tonight! In need of a new mattress? Purchase a plush handcrafted aireloom mattress, and get the best sleep you’ve ever had.