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FAQ About Platform Beds

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a bed frame that features horizontal slats and provides support for a mattress without the need for a box spring. They typically have a lower profile and offer a more contemporary look than a traditional bed frame.

How Can a Platform Bed Be Comfortable Without a Box Spring?


The slats on a platform bed provide excellent support and eliminate the need for a box-spring mattress. If you’re accustomed to traditional mattress sets, the idea of not having a box spring can take some getting used to. But trust us on this: you won’t miss it. If you buy the right mattress to suit your preferences, you’ll be cozy and comfortable on your platform bed.

Do I Need a Special Mattress for My Platform Bed?

Nope. You get to pick whatever kind of mattress you want for your platform bed. And at Mattress World, we can help with that, too. We carry organic/chemical-free mattresses, Aireloom handcrafted mattresses, eco plant-based foam mattresses, natural latex rubber mattresses, and all kinds of sleep accessories, too!

Is Under-Bed Storage an Option With a Platform Bed?

Yes it is. Some platform beds feature a built-in system of under-bed drawers for storage. Others have shelves incorporated into the headboard. And some platform beds have space beneath them such as you might find under a bed with a more traditional frame. You can either use this area for storage and cover it with a bed skirt or just leave it free to give the room a more open feel.

What if I’m Not Into Minimalism?

You don’t have to be into minimalism to have a platform bed. Your headboard is a great place to emphasize your style, whether you’re into tufted upholstery, ornate iron, country-chic distressed wood, American craftsman, sleek leather, or any other style. You name it. Some platform beds come with an attached headboard and others come with just the platform, so you can choose your headboard separately.


What Are the Benefits of a Platform Bed?

Well, for starters, when you go mattress shopping, you don’t have to purchase a box spring. That means you can splurge on a high quality mattress, sleep accessories, or bedding. Another benefit of a platform bed is that they can be lofted to make extra space beneath, which is a plus for teen bedrooms, dorm rooms, or other small spaces. The lower profile typical of a platform bed gives a room a more spacious feel, without sacrificing style.

Where Can I Find a Great Selection of Platform Beds?

Glad you asked! At GentleHome, we have an extensive selection of platform beds, including both imported and American-made. You can choose from a variety of styles in a wide range of price options.