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All orders are shipped in good condition. Goods should be inspected upon arrival. If furniture is damaged, you MUST describe the damage on the bill of lading before the driver leaves. In most cases the furniture will be returned for repair or replacement. If you do not properly report damage at the time of delivery, we cannot accept later claims.

We employ third party delivery companies and are not responsible for delivery. We will track your order and assist you with any manufacturer or delivery related claims. You will be contacted by the delivery service prior to delivery in order to agree on a day and 4-8 hour time window for you to receive your order. If no one is at home when delivery is attempted, you will incur a minimum re-delivery charge of $95.00 per order. Be sure to have someone there to receive your delivery during the time window the delivery service has given you. If your home is not accessible to the delivery truck, the delivery company will transport your merchandise to their dock and it will be your responsibility to provide transportation from the dock to your home.

There may be a remote delivery surcharge if your ship-to address falls outside of the geographical area normally served by our carriers. Call us for details.

Repairs and replacement

Upon approval by the manufacturer, we will arrange repair or replacement, at our discretion, products which do not conform to the manufacturer’s specifications. Furniture might be repaired in or might be returned to the manufacturer for exchange.

Cancellations/Return Policy

Orders may only be canceled in whole or in part at our sole discretion, taking into account the status of your order at the time you request cancellation. If cancellation is permitted, you may be required to reimburse us for shipping and other expenses. We can not except returned furniture unless it is in the original carton(s).

As soon as you place your order, we place the order to the manufacturer or distributor. If the item needs to be manufactured, the time of manufacturing varies from company to company. We begin the shipping process from the warehouse or factory when the item is ready. If the goods are in stock, shipping will take place as soon as possible. No orders are shipped “on approval”. You must be sure what you order is what you want. You must be sure to measure the areas that the furniture is going to be placed and that it will all fit in those areas. We will not take furniture back on the basis that it does not fit, not the color or style you want, or other personal preferences.

Any errors in pricing or mistakes in arithmetic on your order are subject to correction. You are responsible for checking your order confirmation for accuracy. We are not responsible for errors if you fail to notify us of any other errors within 72 hours of receipt of your order confirmation. Be sure all the items needed for a complete and successful delivery are listed on your confirmation.

Payment Methods

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and ApplePay. At this time, we do not offer C.O.D. terms.

All credit card orders are charged to your credit card when the order is taken and you the customer approves all the freight and delivery charges and the order is processed for shipping or manufacturing.

Order Time

Order and delivery times vary with product availability. If item is out of stock we will notify you. We have fill-in stock for the warehouse coming from the factory continuously. If the item is a running piece it will be out of stock no longer than 6 weeks. We offer great pricing and value by shipping products directly to the customer while eliminating costly receiving, warehousing, display and inventory related costs and passing the savings on to you, our valued customer.

Sales Taxes and Governing Law

Al Davis Furniture is not responsible for collecting or submitting sales or use taxes for any state other than the State of California. Each state manages and dictates its own policies and requirements. All terms and conditions contained in this agreement (the “Agreement”) constitutes our Agreement with you, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California and further subject to the rules of binding arbitration as set forth hereunder.


All of the products offered through www.GentleHome.com come with a full manufacturers warranty. These warranties are minimum one year. Specifics on getting warranty service will depend on the item, the nature of the problem and your location. Further details on manufacturer’s warranties will generally be attached when you get your new furniture. Keep in mind that the MANUFACTURER’S warranties do not cover labor or transportation. Although we cannot guarantee the customer’s pleasure in his or her selection, we warrant that all merchandise will be shipped in a manner meeting standards set by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s warranty begins at the time merchandise is delivered. Except for this, there are no other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, product availability, manufacturer order approval, order fulfillment time, etc., and all such warranties are specifically disclaimed. www.davisworld.com shall not be responsible for any indirect, special or consequential damages related to warranty of product, delivery or delivery timing other than as specifically set forth herein. Call us during normal business hours or e-mail us at info@davisworld.com if you have further questions; we’ll be glad to help!

Should you have a problem related to manufacturer defect or damage, we will contact the manufacturer to arrange for local repair or replacement as allowed under the terms of the respective manufacturer’s warranty and at their discretion. We will act as your interface to the manufacturer and help with implementation of any needed warranty service to insure the work is performed in a timely and professional manner.

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