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A bedroom makeover can dramatically affect your life. You spend one-third of your life sleeping, and gentle guiding yourself into and out of sleep is just as important. We know bedrooms. A bad bedroom can hamper the quality of your sleep. A good bedroom instills a sense of calm. As part of your commitment to you, we have found a few beautiful bedroom makeovers that can help give you ideas for your own place.

  1. A Quick and Easy Spring Bedroom Makeover

This one was particularly nice. Originally, it was black and blue. Many people think that this means it is easier to sleep, but this creates a strain on the eye right before sleep. The colors are not bad in and of themselves, but it was overapplied. Another factor here is that there is no central focal point for the eye to find. Right before bed, the eye jerks around.

Afterwards, the room is nice and green. The gentle pastels of the room combine with natural themes to make the experience incredibly relaxing. Natural light filters in, and has a chance to breathe in the new bedroom. The dog at the end was a wonderful bonus.

2. A Blissfully Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

At the beginning, this room was not terrible. It was a simple, standard sort of affair. This room was something you could find in any home around the United States, but it was transformed into something truly unique.

One of the best things that they did was add an accent wall. This set the tone for the entire room. It allowed the sash they hung over their bed to attract the eye, and made everything stand out a little bit more. The addition of the plants was welcome, and provided a bit of greenery. Many accessories of the desk help make this bohemian look more functional.

3. Master Bedroom Makeover

Initially, this room was fairly typical. Over time, people just accumulate items and put them in their bedrooms. A single item may provide comfort in isolation, but when you combine that with a bunch of other random things, it can look wonky. That is the case here. That being said, you do not have to completely apply to the minimalist aesthetic.

This place really jumped after the makeover. The black, gold, and white design was both sleek and stately. This bedroom went from something that was ok to something that was fit for monarchs. The plaster deer above the bed provides some interesting decoration, and the gold lamps really bring the room together.

4. Moving Home: Bedroom Makeover

To be perfectly frank, the before picture is reminiscent of a prison. Rebecca, the author of this post, said that this room lacked personality, and we are inclined to agree. There are white walls, white blankets, white everything. While this all goes together, it is not very appealing.

Afterwards, it starts to feel a little bit more like home. She employs a red, beige and blue color scheme throughout that gives the room a sense of flair. We love the squirrel pillow, which makes the room cute.

5. Master Bedroom Before and After

Kids grow up. No one understands that better than us. Certain things that you once needed can fall by the wayside. Here, the whole bedroom became obsolete, with certain items just thrown in there. The crib was no longer needed, nor was the drab aesthetic.

Here, Mandi mixed and matched a few different styles. Usually, that is not the way to go, but we cannot deny that it worked here. The colors do not clash here, but rather create this visual potpourri that is visually pleasing to the eye. The author was incredibly crafty with how they made certain parts of the room.

If you have any makeovers that you thought were particularly attractive, please tell us in the comments below.  Also if you need help choosing bedroom furniture items, Mattress World and Al Davis Furniture is here to help.