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Latex mattresses are a tried and true option, and they’re gaining popularity again as people are choosing more durable, longer lasting and all-natural products. With so many mattress options, it is difficult to choose which one is best for you. Whether you need better back support, more comfort, or to eliminate pressure while sleeping, a latex mattress will change the way you sleep.

Although there are many reasons why you should get your own latex mattress, here are the top few:

It’s Comfy

Comfortable Bed

Although this one’s an obvious one, it’s important. Latex mattresses are known to be the most comfortable mattresses that exist, allowing you to simply submerge into the mattress and feel immediate pleasure and ease. Gone are the days of sinking into the mattress and changing positions to be more comfortable. With a latex mattress, you no longer have to worry about tossing in bed to find your comfort zone.


Natural latex foam is a convenient and supportive sleep surface.  It conforms to your body, offering support in the areas needed to encourage spine alignment while sleeping. It also provides freedom of motion—rolling with you instead of keeping you in place.  

With natural latex mattresses, you can often modify your bed from top to bottom to form a specific feel, or even create a bed with various firmness levels on each side. Models with unglued layers give consumers the ability to renew upper layers when worn to increase mattress lifetime.


Hypoallergenic Bed

To all those allergy sufferers, we have a cure. The dense material of a latex mattress does not only repel dust mites but also restricts other allergies such as mold, and pet dander that can potentially get to your mattress.

All the materials that make up a latex mattress are hypoallergenic and prevent any harsh chemicals from reach. This type of mattress is also ideal for those sensitive to smells and other chemicals, and is highly recommended to positively affect sleep.

Back Support

A latex mattress is especially ideal for individuals suffering from back pain. As the mattress essentially adapts to your spine, it keeps it neutralized while you’re sleeping. On spring mattresses, weight is usually concentrated on areas that contact the mattress, and not the entire body. This typically means that the lumbar area is not properly supported.

This type of relocation can also place the upper body at an unusual position relative to your neck or legs, developing more strain and possible pain. It is critical that your back is properly aligned and that while sleeping you have proper support.

Pressure Relief

When a person remains in the same position for a long time, such as when sleeping, the pressure of downward gravity and upward friction in bedding materials can impact circulation and damage soft tissues that may be caught in the middle.The pressure-relieving advantages of latex mattresses were used to aid in preventing sores and minimizing pain in delicate areas.  

Whether you’re looking to sleep better, have more lumbar support, or overall want a more comfortable mattress, going latex is the way to go. You can now browse through our entire mattress collection, and find the perfect one for you!