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After a long day at work, we all want to walk into a crisp, warm, and soothing bedroom. Believe it or not, the average person sleeps for one-third of their life. If we’re going to spend so much of our lives sleeping, we might as well make the most out of it. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to create ideal sleeping conditions. Read on for 5 tips for designing the perfect sleep environment.

Purchase Your Perfect Mattress

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the mattress they sleep on. A mattress that is too soft or too firm for someone will make it more difficult to fall asleep. The best way to find your perfect bed is to visit a mattress store and test which level of firmness you like the most.

Once you have selected your ideal mattress, you are bound to fall asleep easier and faster. It’s important to note that you should purchase a new mattress every 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of the bed.

Cut Light Out

A sleep-friendly bedroom means shutting the lights out. Light, obviously, stimulates the brain. Even if there is a small amount of light peeking under your door, your brain can take that as a sign to stay awake. Installing blackout curtains or using a sleeping mask will help to keep your room dark, thus, you will fall asleep quicker.

The most influential light in our lives, the light from our phone screens, has been proved to disrupt our internal sleep-wake cycle. Our brain is unable to differentiate the light from the sun and the light from our screens, therefore, keeping you awake when you should be sleeping. It’s been recommended to put the electronics away as much as 2 hours before bed.

Keep it Cool

The worst thing to happen when you’re trying to sleep is getting hot, sticking one foot out from the covers, trying to balance the perfect temperature. The Sleep Organization says, quit all that and keep your room at the ideal temperature of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your room cool will facilitate a much quicker sleep cycle.

Reduce Noises

Here’s how to create a peaceful sleep environment — get rid of the noise.

Noises are classic disturbances that keep you awake at night. If you have kids, live in the city, or have perpetual OCD and even the sound of the crickets keeps you up, try using earplugs or playing white noise to soothe you into falling asleep. Avoid sleeping with the television on, as the changing volumes and light will prevent you from falling asleep. A white noise machine or even a fan will provide a consistent noise that proves to be soothing and comforting, even for babies!

Invest in Pillows

Pillows, after your mattress, are the most important physical factor to falling asleep. A pillow has to have the perfect amount of support and fluffiness. If your pillow is too plush or too flat it can inflict neck pain and make it more difficult for you to get to bed. Purchase pillows that are high quality, comfortable, and have enough neck and breathing support.

That wraps up our 5 tips for designing the perfect sleep environment. If you put these tips into effect, you’re guaranteed to be sleeping better in no time. Your mattress is the main element to your bedroom sanctuary. Browse our affordable value collection mattresses today for the best of both worlds — high quality and affordable with Mattress World.