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Often our bedrooms are our sanctuary. It’s the place we go for relaxation, intimacy, and of course, sleep. In fact, the colors and flow of our bedroom’s have an effect on the mind. This is known as color psychology. When designing your bedroom, keep in mind current trends, the theme you’re looking to accomplish, the vibe you want your room to give off, and what essentials are needed for the bedroom.

Here are our 5 favorite bedroom decor trends:

Monochromatic Theme

The first element of bedroom design is the color scheme. Once you’ve decided which colors you want in your room, every other design aspect will fall into place. Our favorite color schemes are light and creamy tones, with dark accents. Monochromatic tones are any one color in different hues.

For instance, painting the walls a creamy eggshell white while using different shades of white for the bedding, carpet, or side tables. The colors compliment each other and open up the space. Adding in dark brown wood floors or wooden beams on the ceiling allows for much-needed contrast and balance.

No matter what color scheme you go with, it’s important to correlate all other design additions with your theme. This will bring cohesion and the space will look more professionally designed and thought out.


Lighting is one of the most functional and beautiful aspects of bedroom decor. One hanging light from the ceiling is never enough. A bedroom with one overhead light, industrial sconces, and complimentary lamps will go a long way. The different lighting options open up the space while flattering the style you desire. Whether you’re going for minimalistic, extravagant, luxurious, or rustic, an abundance of light is a must-have.

Statement Carpets

When your goal is to open up and lighten a space, the go-to trend for adding contrast has been statement carpets. Bright colors, unique textures, and over-the-top designs have been increasingly popular among bedroom decorators. Statement carpets add a little something extra to the space and are great for adding individuality.


Wabi-sabi, perhaps the largest trend this year, is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. This includes hand-painted pottery, vintage and worn linens, and even cracked vases. Wabi-sabi is all about embracing the organic beauty of life and creates an organic and aesthetically pleasing vibe in the bedroom.


Whether it be a leather headboard, plush bedding, or a studded lamp, a variety of textures are on trend. Any aspect of a bedroom can have texture. Furniture, walls, curtains, bedding, and decorations are all easy ways to add texture to a space. Once again, bringing in an element like texture allows for the decorator’s personality to shine. This is your bedroom, your safe place, design it however you desire.

No matter what decor tips are trending, your bedroom should compliment your individual personality and taste. Everyone has their own passions and creative juice, so get them flowing and come up with an awesome space.

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