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So…you’ve probably heard that it’s good to buy American-made products. But you may not be clear on why it’s so good. At Mattress World in San Diego, we can think of plenty of reasons why you’d want to buy an American-made bed, and we’re proud to offer a great selection of them. But just in case you need more convincing than, “because we say it’s good,” here are 6 great reasons to buy an American-made bed.

#1. Buying an American-made bed supports American workers.

When manufacturing stays on American soil, American workers get the jobs. Jobs shipped abroad rarely return. And for one manufacturing job, there are five additional jobs created!

#2. Buying an American made-bed supports the American economy.

The money you spend on a bed manufactured in the United States goes to pay the American workers who created your bed. Then those workers spend their money on goods and services here at home, and they pay American taxes. In other words, the money you spend on your American-made bed benefits the American economy.

#3. You can trust the labor standards when you buy an American-made bed.

American manufacturing establishments have to live up to strict labor standards, including minimum wage, worker safety, and laws relating to medical leave, family leave, and child labor. When you buy an American-made bed, you know that the laborers who made it are free from abuse, working under safe conditions, and making a livable wage.


#4. You can trust the environmental standards when you by an American-made bed.

American manufacturing also has strict environmental standards, so your American-made bed is created with consideration for the health of the earth, air, soil and water, unlike foreign-made products created with little to no regulation on dangerous pollutants in manufacturing. Additionally, buying American-made products eliminates the need for shipping overseas, which wastes large amounts of petroleum and releases unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere.

#5. Buying an American-made bed supports future generations.

The more manufacturing we can keep in the United States, the more we support our economy and save jobs for our American workers. Not just current workers, but future workers as well. Buying American-made products supports American manufacturing, and American manufacturing supports future generations.


#6. You’ll sleep better on an American-made bed.

When you buy an American-made bed, you’re making an investment in the health, safety, and life quality of Americans. Knowing that your purchase of an American-made bed supports the U.S. economy, American workers, and the environment should help you sleep like a baby.

And at Mattress World in San Diego, we can help you do just that. We have a selection of American-made beds to suit all budgets and all style preferences. Come see our showroom in Hillcrest or browse our selection online at GentleHome.com.