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Both bedrooms and spas mean relaxation. After a long day of working hard, you deserve to treat yourself. Some days, you just want to kick your shoes off and have someone pamper you. You don’t have to go to the spa to treat yourself, as you can feel the soothing effects right in your home. We have prepared a list of things you can do to ease your mind and body.

  1. Light Up the Night

The harsh light of tubes and bulbs strains the eyes, which in turn causes stress. Candles provide softer light and help set the mood. Try to get beeswax or bayberry candles, since they are natural and have a sweet aroma, and avoid wicks that have lead in them.

2. The Nose Knows

One of the most striking features of spas is their smell. You can make your bedroom redolent of relaxation with incense. Incense is far less costly than expensive oils, and provides you with do-it-yourself aromatherapy. Be sure to place it in a place where the ashes can fall without making a mess.

3. Feast Your Eyes

The gentle light of candles and the sweet smell of incense, it is time to appeal to your eyes. Greens, lighter blues, and tans are known to have calming properties, as it brings us back to nature. Palettes are important here. 

4. Rhythm, But No Blues

Being calm requires little stress on all your senses, so it is important to relax your ears as well. We recommend eschewing pop music for the classics, like Beethoven or Mozart. The sounds of nature, such as the noises of a rainforest or the music of whales, will also help you cool down

5.Get Yourself a Noise-Cancelling Rug

Yes, you read that correctly. Soft fabrics, such as mohair, have been shown to help negate sound and eliminate echoes. You don’t need a cacophony of sound right when you get home, so why not kill the sounds before they harsh your vibe. A new rug need not assault your wallet, as you can find a sheepskin rug for as little as $30.

6.Trickle Down

Studies have shown that even being near water reduces stress and lowers your heart rate. Something as small as hearing the sound of flowing water augurs feelings of serenity. Having a plug-in table top fountain or a mini-aquarium will help you bring yourself down. If that is out of the question, try hanging photos of the ocean or the beach.

7. Black Out

As you truly wind down and prepare for sleep, it is crucial that you avoid all the glowing rectangles in your vicinity. That means no cell phone, no computer, no tablet. LED lights are proven inhibitors of sleep, and strain your eyes. Investing in a sleep mask shields your eyes as you sleep, and dampening al lights as much as possible will help you drift off into la la land.

If you have any more suggestions, please let us know. At Mattress World & Al Davis Furniture, we are committed to helping you get as much rest as possible. Don’t forget, both your pillow and your mattress are important to getting a good night’s sleep. Mattress World & Al Davis Furniture will help you with all your bedroom needs.