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The ultimate bedding question: are top sheets a must-have? This controversial debate all started when GQ published articles both for and against the top sheet. The debate circles around these two factors:

  • Not having a top sheet is disgusting
  • Having one is a scam

Millennials say no to top sheets, but we say ‘yes’ to top sheets! Whichever side of the debate you find yourself on, hear us out…we just might change your mind.

Less Washing

Without a top sheet, you will need to wash your duvet or comforter as often as you do fitted sheets and pillowcases. A top sheet protects your duvet cover from bodily oils and fluids, preventing trips to the dry cleaners and the washing machine. Who wants to wash a massive duvet cover every week? No one!

If getting your duvet back into the duvet cover is as difficult for you as it is for us, then go with the top sheet. This way you will have less washing to do every week and will only have to deal with that pesky duvet cover whenever washing is absolutely necessary.

If you’re still against the top sheet and don’t mind washing your duvet cover often, we’ve got another point for you to consider.

Repurchasing a Duvet is Expensive

Washing your duvet too often destroys the fibers and ruins the likeness of a duvet cover. Therefore, skipping the top sheet means committing to purchasing a new duvet every couple months. Using a top sheet, even repurchasing a top sheet, is a lot less expensive than repurchasing a duvet cover.

Temperature Control

A top sheet is the perfect item for temperature control. When you’re too hot, you most likely throw off your comforter. However, not long after, you’re too cold. Now what? Your top sheet to the rescue! You are now the perfect amount of cool and comfy all while preventing a dirty duvet and saving money.


A top sheet provides structure. Slipping into a neatly tucked top sheet at the end of the day is like cuddling with a puppy. Every hotel in America is a fan of the top sheet, and for good reason! A tightly tucked-in top sheet is practical, functional, and above all else, much more comfortable.

Interior Design

In the perfectly-decorated bedroom, there is always a top sheet folded over a crisp white duvet cover. It adds class, possibly a pop of color, and it is pleasant to the eye. Depending on the style you’re going for in the bedroom, adding a coastal or floral top sheet will add an extra touch to your bedroom decor.

Who knew the debate on top sheets could be so heated? Top sheets are a must-have, for many arguable reasons. If you’re against top sheets, hopefully, you’ve been converted after reading this article and are running to the store to buy a new linen sheet set. Browse our selection of pristine mattresses or drop us a line at (866) 357-5337