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4 Fall Eco-Friendly Bedroom Décor Ideas

Transform Your Bedroom with Eco-Friendly Fall Decor

Fall has officially arrived. With the changing of seasons, we experience decreasing temperatures, an abundance of holidays and a lot of delicious treats. As you begin to layer your clothes, why not change up your bedroom décor as well? Here are some of our favorite fall eco-friendly bedroom décor ideas.

Update your linens

If the change in seasons forces allergies upon you, it may be from more than just smelling the flowers. Upgrade your linen sheets to chemical-free, organic and hypoallergenic cotton ones. If it is time for a new mattress, opt for a one made with organic materials, like our Organicpedic Rossa By Omi mattress.

When you use organic cotton sheets and mattresses, you are avoiding the exposure to pesticides and other chemicals that farmers typically use in the production of cotton. As a result, you are less likely to have a reaction, especially if you have chemical sensitivities. This is an excellent option for those with asthma as well.

Step up your decorations

One of our favorite ways to decorate a home is with plants. Curating different plant species around your home is so simple to do and aesthetically pleasing as well. Besides being pretty to look at, keeping plants in your home is great for your health as well. They help to filter the air and work to eliminate harmful chemicals and particles within the room.

If you are the creative type, replant your purchases in colorful, handmade or decorative pots. If you want to expand the room visually, aim for collecting some taller plants. For simple air filtration, any type of plant works well.

Repaint the walls

A great way to update your room is by repainting the walls. This is both relatively easy and efficient while drastically changing the aesthetics of the room. If your room is dark and/or small, opt for a lighter, brighter color. Whites, creams and beiges will open a room up beautifully, while also attracting light.

When choosing your paint, ensure you are purchasing a brand that has little to no volatile organic compounds. These chemicals can be harmful for both your family and the environment of the home. Also, opt for paintbrushes that are made of bamboo. These are eco-friendly and will last longer.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Renovating your bedroom can produce a decent amount of trash. Excess building materials are often tossed into the dumpster and are destined for a life in the landfill. Instead, offer your trash to a company that salvages the materials and distributes them for reuse. By doing this, you are reducing the amount of solid waste you produce. For more information, call The ReUse People of America.

Updating your bedroom can be a fun way to spruce up your home. Whether you are making major changes, like a renovation, or simpler ones, like upgrading your sheets, ensure you are doing so in an eco-friendly manner.