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https://gentlehome.com/my-sheet-set.htmlWe are going to ring in the New Year right this year. Whether you use the new year as a time to reflect on the past twelve months or as a chance plan ahead, we are always looking ahead. At Mattress World and Al Davis Furniture, we want to help you out when it comes to bedroom decor. Check out our list of the top trends for 2024.

1. Going Green

We don’t mean the color green, although that is not necessarily a bad choice. We are talking about making ecologically friendly decisions that help the environment as a whole. Nearly half of all women say they would like more green choices.

That is where we can help. We offer organic, chemical free mattresses. Many people are buying with the environment in mind. This applies to mattresses, sheets, and even light bulbs. There are a lot of good options out there, and many people are incorporating them into their bedrooms. 2024is a good year to go green.

2. Minimalism

Spring cleaning is typically the time when people declutter, but we think you can get a jump start on it. Many people are opting for less ornate designs, more subtle colors, and simplicity. This trend did not start in 2024, but it seems like it is culminating into something more this year.

Decluttering will not only make your room look nicer, but it is a good way to eliminate the things you do not need. There is a principle called the 90/90 rule. If you are considering throwing something away, ask yourself if you have used that thing in the past 90 days. If you have not, ask yourself if you will use it in the next 90. When you answer no to both questions, you will want to consider putting that item in storage or tossing it out.

3. Lower or no headboards

This is related to minimalism. As part of the desire for a simpler style, people are opting to go for smaller headboards. In many senses, a smaller headboard helps emphasize the decorations (or the lack of decorations!) that you have on the walls.

For example, many people prefer to have a painting or a shelf above their heads when they sleep at night. Headboards can be ornate, and just as beautiful as a painting. Most people are opting for something that aligns with their identity a bit more, however.

4.. Hanging pendants and lights

Lamps are nice, but the hot trend right now is to have your lights suspended from the ceiling. You will not only have more room on your nightstand, but this look gives your bedroom a fresh new feel. This year may be a fine year to step outside of the typical and commonplace.

5. Get geometric

Lots of us look back at geometry class with boredom. Who would have thought you can apply some of the things you learned back in 8th grade to your interior design. Bathing your bedroom in triangles and circles can spruce up your space in a way that makes your bedroom pop.

If you have any questions about bedroom décor, we are here to help. Our highly-experienced professionals have helped thousands of people make their rooms spectacular. Come visit us or contact us today.