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The effects of global warming are definitely taking a toll on us. It is high time that we rise to the occasion and help the environment. We do not actually need to do something grandiose for now. We can start by being more responsible with the things that we buy.

Why not support eco-friendly stores? Here’s a list of eco-friendly stores in San Diego you can go to for your different needs.  

  1. Al Davis Furniture

Al Davis Furniture started out in 1960 as a store selling antiques and pre-loved furniture in San Diego. They then branched out to selling new American-Made sustainable furniture, mattresses and natural flooring. Their brand new division GentleHome.com prides itself on being the most reliable source of discounted chemical-free and organic mattresses and furniture. You no longer have to worry about allergies and asthma from your chemical-laden mattress or furniture!

  1. Seabreeze Organic Farm

Are you preparing for a celebration in your family? Make sure that the food you serve is prepared using the finest ingredients from Seabreeze Organic Farm! It is a family-owned business that has been selling flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and chicken eggs since 1988 that were grown right at their own property in Carmel Valley, San Diego.

  1. Pure Cleaning Agency

If you are already struggling in trying to balance your time for work and home duties, the Pure Cleaning Agency is ready to help you out. They offer the services of highly competent professional housekeepers in Greater San Diego area. What makes them different from other agencies is that they use cleaning products that don’t have dangerous chemicals or bad smell.


  1. Mythology EcoBoutique

Those who are about to attend a special event can catch everyone’s attention while promoting care for the environment. Mythology EcoBoutique offers its valuable customers organic clothing for women, men, toddlers, and babies. They make sure that the clothes they sell were produced using natural and cruelty-free methods in all stages of manufacturing.

  1. Green Field Paper Company

In a time when almost everything is done through the internet, this business strives to preserve the traditional form of communication. The Green Field Paper Company sells handmade paper and hemp paper. They use non-recyclable materials to produce their products. They are widely known for paper that has been embedded with wildflower seeds.

  1. Pigment

People who want to add color to their homes may want to give Pigment a call. They offer different art products, furniture, flora, and accessories to give life to any part of your home. All of the items are made from homegrown and organic materials.


Shopping definitely is a lot more enjoyable when you know that your purchase is a step made towards making this world a better place to live in. No matter what you need, an eco-friendly store in San Diego will definitely be ready to assist you.