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You’ve done everything: massage, yoga, physical therapy, and acupuncture. But your lower back still hurts. The bad news is that it could be the mattress you sleep on every night that’s causing or exacerbating your lower back pain.

But you know what? That’s good news too because it also means a new mattress might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Now all you have to do is find the right one. Take a look below at these tips for finding the right mattress for lower back pain.

Test as many mattresses as you can

Although you may want to just get your mattress shopping out of the way, you really should dedicate some time and energy to finding the right one. Come in to Mattress World in San Diego and test away. We have many mattress samples out on the floor for you to try. Remember, though, if you’re not a back sleeper, it doesn’t make sense to test a mattress in the store by lying down on your back. Lie down in your normal sleeping position when you’re testing a mattress. Curl up or spread out the way you would at home.


Test for conformability

You want your mattress to conform or mold to the contours of your body. A mattress that conforms well will support every part of you. A mattress that lacks conformability will leave some areas without proper support, while others feel pressure and pain. When you’re testing, pay attention to whether you feel more or less pressure on different parts of your body.


Test for support

Although it may feel good to sink into a soft mattress initially, softer mattresses often exacerbate pain because they lack the support needed to keep your body on a flat and level plain. The heavier parts of your body can cause some areas of the mattress to become compressed and lower than the rest. This sagging goes hand in hand with back pain. When testing, pay attention to whether or not your body feels like it’s level and flat.


Look for medium-firm

Doctors used to recommend “very firm” mattresses for people with back pain. But a recent survey of 268 people with lower back pain found that those who slept on the orthopedic (very hard) mattresses had the poorest sleep quality. Too soft, however, and your joints can twist up, causing pain both in and out of bed. Medium-firm mattresses provide both the support and the conformability that helps alleviate back pain.


Try our eco, plant-based foam mattresses

Many doctors recommend memory foam mattresses for people with lower back pain. The foam helps keep your spine in alignment for good sleeping posture. At Mattress World in San Diego, we carry a great selection of eco, plant-based foam mattresses. Some of our inventory is specifically focused on pain relief, combining both foam technology for conformability and the support of an individually pocketed coil system. And because they’re made from a plant-based foam, you get all that luxurious comfort plus a feeling of environmental stewardship.


We want to help you sleep better!

At Mattress World in San Diego, we welcome you to come in and lie down for a bit. Test out our wide range of organic mattresses, chemical-free mattresses, natural latex rubber mattresses – you name it! Our brands include Ethos, Aireloom, Palmpring, Spring Air, M.Lily, Sweda and many others.

And if you’re looking for platform beds or American-made beds or any kind of sleep accessories like organic cotton sheets, we have those too! Come on in to our mattress store in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood, or browse our selection online at GentleHome.com.

Have questions? Go ahead and ask. We’re here to help you sleep better!