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If you are taking care of your kids, hanging out with your nephews or nieces, or just tired of adulting, a pillow fort may make your whole day. A pillow fort can provide mental comfort in a storm or warmth when it is cold outside. Whatever the case may be, the bedding experts at Mattress World and Al Davis Furniture are here to help.

Before you build a pillow fort, it is a good idea to ask your parents’ permission. A proper pillow fort will take over the living room or whichever room you are in. Try not to block any doors with your fortress.

Pick Your Materials

There are a few different ways to make a pillow fort. We recommend building your pillow fort around a couch or chairs. It is a good idea to start in a room that already has this furniture, because you will not have to move anything around.

You are going to need additional supplies. While you can use a blanket as the roof of your fort, we recommend using a sheet. Sheets do not trap hot air as much, and they are lighter, so your fort is less likely to cave in. You are going to need pillows. They are the floor of your fort, but they can also be the walls. Depending on how you structure your fort, you are going to need some ballast, like shoes or books, to keep your sheets taut.

Finally, you are going to need to have provisions. You will want to have snacks, and you will need a way to light up your fort. A flashlight or glow sticks should do the trick.

Start Building

Now that you have everything that you need, you can start building your fort. If your couch is part of the structure, you can tuck the sheet between the wall and the back of the couch. You are then going to want to space out the chairs a little bit. This fort is for you, so it should be your size. You should hang two corners of the sheet over two chairs, which should hold your sheet up.

If you are not using a couch, you are going to want to push two chairs against a wall. It is a good idea to have the chairs facing away from each other. You can use the seats of the chairs to hold the sheets down, using books or shoes. Tuck the sheets between the back of the chairs and the wall. From there, you need to find an additional chair to use as your third corner. A stack of pillows will also work nicely.

After you have built your pillow fort, you can use pillows as either the floor or walls. If you can set up an additional sheet, you can have a flap to get into and out of your fortress. Grabbing a blanket is nice, because you can fold it in half and use it as a comfortable floor.

Finishing Touches

No pillow fort is complete without a nickname. Fort Fantastic is one of our favorites, but you should give yours a name that is personal for you. You can use your name, or your favorite thing. Some entertainment, such as a good book or board game, will make your fort feel comfier.

If you have any questions about bedding, we can help. When you need an organic mattress, you will not find anything better than at Mattress World and Al Davis Furniture. Come visit us today.