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Ethos Natural Talalay Latex Mattress

All-natural Chemical-free Mattress

This premium all-natural chemical-free mattress with organic cotton has a balanced feel for a better night’s sleep. American- Made by the Diamond Mattress Company, a family-owned premium mattress manufacturer. The Talalay latex gives a feeling of lifting off the mattress – no sinking softness, no stiffness – just a gentle lift. Choose from three feels: Plush, Medium and Firm.

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The Ethos Natural Latex Mattress feel

Cloud like Plush, balanced luxury Medium or ultra supportive Firm. American- Made by the Diamond Mattress Company, a family-owned premium mattress manufacturer. Ethos natural latex mattress is an excellent mattress for any user who is concerned about chemical and pesticide mattresses with a luxury sleep experience.

  • Ethos Natural Plush is built around a core of premium Talalay latex comprised of three comfort layers – firm density latex as a base topped by soft and medium, surrounded by organic cotton ticking.
  • This organic latex mattress has a balanced feel.
  • The premium soft Talalay latex offers buoyancy and superior body conformity,
  • conforming to the spinal curves while evenly supporting the whole body.
  • Plush mattresses with excellent body conformity are great for those needing the best possible pressure point relief.

Ethos Natural Latex Mattress

Deluxe Talalay latex mattress core comprised of two comfort layers – firm density latex as a base, topped by medium density latex.
Then surrounded by organic cotton ticking. This organic mattress has a balanced feel.
The premium medium Talalay latex mattress conforms to the spinal curves, while maintaining a feeling of solid support. Medium mattresses with excellent body conformity are great for those needing the best possible pressure point relief.

Ethos Natural Firm

  • Premium firm Tally latex, which offers buoyancy and some body conformity, providing the perfect balance of spinal support while conforming to spinal curves.
  • Firmer mattresses with excellent body conformity are perfect for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • Some side sleepers may also prefer the firmer support of the Ethos Natural Firm.

The Materials

The materials:
Premium eco-friendly and certified organic materials.
The Ethos Natural contains 100% all-natural latex rubber, derived from rubber trees using the highest quality processing method- the Talalay method.
A thin layer of rayon, a plant-based fabric, provides the fire barrier without chemical fire retardants.

The mattress is wrapped in a soft, breatheable organic cotton fabric.
All-natural latex rubber is the most durable mattress material, making this mattress both a comfortable and a wise long term investment in your health.
All- natural organic latex is also ventilated, fungus and dust mite resistant and great for people with allergies and sensitivities.
The all-natural organic latex in the Ethos Natural minimizes side to side motion, allowing for interruption free sleep all night long.

The look:
Smooth top. The Ethos Natural comes standard with a smooth top and organic cotton ticking. This bed is approximately 10 inches thick, an average mattress thickness.

In the room: Perfect on platform beds, adjustable bases or traditional box foundations. The Ethos Natural works great on adjustable bases, because the natural latex rubber flexes easily, allowing your to relax watching TV, reading, or raising your feet for comfort and relief of gravity. You can also choose a high quality Ethos box foundation wrapped in organic cotton fabric in either standard 8 inch height or low profile 4 inch height. If you prefer a platform bed, be sure to purchase a high quality platform bed with slats no more than 1.5 inch or less spacing.

Diamond believes that sleep has the power to change our lives. It is the path to feeling more fulfilled and finding a deeper connection to the beauty of life. Diamond Mattress is dedicated to pursuing people-first innovation to improve life and transform our relationship with sleep. More than just making mattresses, Diamond is defining a better way to live by perfecting the art of sleep wellness.

A Positive Legacy: 80 Years of Sleep Wellness

We are a 4th generation family owned, and operated company. Integrity is the foundation of our all we do. For 80 years we have been a trusted source of sleep wellness products and have kept true to our roots of producing higher quality products at a great value.

At Diamond, their purpose is to leave a positive legacy and support dreams. They believe in making everyone’s life better through sleep. Our mission is to help people and businesses realize their dreams through innovation, quality, world class service and support.

I-CARE stands for:

  • Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Engagement

Our Dedication To Your Comfort

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