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Weekender Modern Platform Frame

by Malouf

Clean lines, sturdy support, and 12 inches of under platform storage. All-steel construction, 2,500 hundred pound static weight capacity. UPS-shippable

Malouf: Crafting a Legacy of Comfort, Innovation, and Compassion

The Inspiring Journey
In the early days, Sam and Kacie Malouf embarked on a simple mission with a two-person operation. Today, that spark has ignited into a flame that lights the way for a dynamic range of over 11,000 product choices. Sam and Kacie’s journey is rooted in a fundamental understanding of a universal truth — people everywhere desire comfort, identity, and value.

Global Craftsmanship Meets Modern Innovation
The Malouf team has traversed the globe in search of exceptional quality, from artisanal bedding perfected through generations of craftsmanship in Italy, France, and Egypt, to the most cutting-edge technologies. They have innovated and refined their offerings, marrying unique foams with natural materials and enhancing the features and usability of adjustable bed bases.

Time-Tested Excellence
With 18 years in business, Malouf has crafted a legacy built on the principle that time-tested materials can be fused with modern technologies. This balance is the company’s ode to the enduring spirit of craftsmanship and the exciting possibilities of a connected, tech-driven world.

Partners in Success
With over 15,000 retail partner locations, Malouf remains committed to its promise of delivering innovative products, exceptional service, and fast shipping. The company understands that good business is built on great relationships. At Malouf, customers are treated as friends and employees as family.

A Culture of Wellness and Joy
At Malouf, a culture of working hard, living healthy, eating great, having fun, and giving back is encouraged and fostered. The company is more than a business — it is a community where every individual is cherished and nurtured.

The Malouf Foundation: A Commitment to Protecting Children
Established in 2016 by Sam and Kacie, the Malouf Foundation launched with a passionate resolve to make a tangible impact on children’s lives. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope, working with a diverse coalition of leaders, organizations, and survivors in its mission to confront child sexual exploitation — from sex trafficking to online abuse. The foundation is dedicated to providing education, promoting healing, and advocating for survivors.

Certified B Corporation®: A New Standard of Business
Being a Certified B Corporation® is not just an accolade for Malouf; it is a reflection of the company’s ethos. It signifies Malouf’s commitment to more than just profits. The company holds itself accountable to a triple bottom line: planet, people, and profits. Malouf is dedicated to its corporate social responsibility, prioritizing its societal impact, its workers’ well-being, its community engagement, and its environmental sustainability.

Malouf’s Promise
Malouf is not just a business. It’s a promise — a promise of comfort, innovation, and compassionate engagement with the world. It stands as a beacon for crafting a world that sleeps better, lives joyfully, and acts consciously.

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