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PalmPring Colva Queen Mattress- Floor Model Special

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The Colva has two sides- one firm and one very firm! For those seeking the highest quality and long lasting eco-friendly bed that offers a comfortable, very firm feel. The Colva is Palmpring’s signature best selling mattress.


PalmPring Colva Queen Mattress


  • The feel: One side very firm, one side firm. The Palmpring Colva Queen Mattress combines body conforming latex on top of very supportive coconut coir. The superior ventilation from the coconut fiber combined with the all natural latex, organic cotton and wool gives you the an amazingly breathable, cool and hypoallergenic mattress for great sleep.

The materials:

  • Carefully processed all-natural coconut fiber, latex, cotton and wool.
  • The signature Palmpring coconut fiber layer called “coconut coir” is a blend of sustainable use, high tech manufacturing and traditional fibers.
  • The Colva also contains all natural latex from rubber trees, chemical-free wool and organic cotton.
  • The manufacture of coconut coir actually transforms an increasingly common byproduct- the discarded husks of coconuts, which do not easily decompose – into incredibly durable, shock absorbing mattress pads by braiding, drying then rubberizing the fibers.

Palmpring holds certifications from Germany’s prestigious Eco Umweltinstitute and LGA Inspection Agency, and from the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute, which approves that the products meet the human-ecological requirements of the Oeko-Tex(R) Standard 100 product class established for baby articles. In addition, their products have obtained the ISO9001–a certificate of quality of assurance–as well as the ISO14001–a certificate of environmental management system and evaluation.

The look:

  • Quilted organic cotton top. The top layers of the Palmpring Colva are gently quilted, giving a flat, modern look.
  • This is a two sided bed. The Colva is approximately 9 inches thick.

In the room: Perfect on platform beds or traditional box foundations. Can be paired with a high quality Palmpring box foundation wrapped in organic cotton fabric.

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