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An estimated fifty to seventy million adults in America have some type of sleep disorder. That number is far, far too large. If you’re one of the millions who suffer from a sleep disorder, it’s helpful to consider the position you’re sleeping in.

Are you a back sleeper? A stomach sleeper? A side-to-side sleeper? Each position has its own benefits and drawbacks, though sleeping on your side is commonly considered the “best.” You know what’s even better than sleeping on your side? Sleeping on your side with a pillow tucked between your legs.

Read on to learn why you need to start sleeping with a pillow between your legs. Once you’re sold on the benefits, browse our selection of organic and conventional foam pillows today.

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It’s Considered One of the Best Positions

Back pain is an unavoidable part of life in today’s world. We spend a lot of time in positions that aren’t too healthy for our backs. Think long commutes, workdays spent sitting at a desk, watching TV on the couch, and more.

We shouldn’t add sleeping to this list. Enter sleeping on your side with a pillow propped between your knees.

Also known as the fetal position (though you don’t have to have your knees pulled up), sleeping on your side is the most popular way to sleep. It’s also considered one of the best positions. The benefits of this type of sleeping include: keeping your spine aligned, reducing neck and back pain, and reducing the chance of sleep apnea. Some studies have even suggested that sleeping in the fetal position may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs only increases these benefits. The presence of the pillow will help keep your spine neutral, your hips and pelvis aligned, improved circulation in your legs, and more.


Picking the Right Kind of Pillow

It’s important to pick the right pillows when sleeping on your side. This is true for the pillow you use for your head and neck and the pillow you use for your legs.

Picking the right pillow for head and neck health not only helps with back pain, but it will increase the overall restfulness of your night’s sleep. You’re going to want a supportive pillow, paired with a supportive mattress, for your head and neck. This keeps your neck at a neutral angle, maximizing the benefits of side sleeping.

Picking the right pillow for your legs and knees is a bit more complicated. You’re going to want one that’s firm enough to keep your spine and hips aligned, but one that’s soft enough to avoid any potential stiffness during the night.

We recommend either a shredded latex pillow or a wool pillow. These types offer support without any associated stiffness.

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