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Latex and Kapok Adjustable Queen Pillow by V&R Naturals


Natural. Breathable. Adjustable. Refillable. Two shapes.

Simply perfect, Colorado-made pillows!

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    • 109 $


The feel: Soft, supportive, and breathable. The kapok and latex fill is loose and can be molded create the perfect fit. The soft stretchy organic cotton case has a zipper, so the pillow can be easily adjusted to a higher or lower loft by just removing or adding the fill material.

The materials: Silky kapok fibers and resilient shredded natural latex rubber noodles create a soft, supportive, and breathable. Kapok and latex are naturally moisture and dust mite resistant. No synthetic foam means no off-gassing.

The look: Two distinct shapes. Curve is a queen size pillow with a crescent shaped cut out to hug your neck in any sleeping position. Blend is a standard rectangular shape queen sized pillow.

In the room: Attractive queen size with plump fill. Cover is washable in cold water when fill is removed using the zipper closure.

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