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Latex and Kapok Adjustable Queen Pillow by V&R Naturals


Natural. Breathable. Adjustable. Refillable. Two shapes.

Simply perfect, Colorado-made pillows!


Latex & Kapok Pillow

V&R natural pillows provide custom support. Gain relief from neck and arm problems that increase during sleep. The best part is the ability to customize the density for each individual.

The V&R natural pillow is fully customizable to your sleep style, issues and aches and pains. This pillow just may be the solution for your sleep problems!. A Each V&R Naturals pillow allows you to change the loft, feel and comfort level you desire. A

You will appreciate finding the best hypoallergenic, antimicrobial pillow made from natural materials. A All pillows come with an outer draw string bag to either store your pillow for travel or for extra fill to customize your pillow feel. A

V & R Naturals was formed out of a passion for perfect sleep from head to toe. In keeping with our values of integrity, we knew that finding the perfect pillow to match the best mattresses was goal. I I have have never slept so well and love my mattress but have to admit I have never been happy with my pillows! V & R Naturals was our goal to put the cherry on top for the best sleep experience possible. We wanted to aim for the highest quality and most favorable price for our customers and give them nothing but top of the line. I believe we did it!

We know you will appreciate our care in finding the best materials for your pillow, and ultimately for your sleep.

Our Dedication To Your Comfort

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