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Why Should You Sleep on an Organic Mattress?

With over a third of our time spent sleeping in bed, what you sleep on has an enormous impact on your life.  Having the right mattress is a big investment in comfort and health.  At Gentle Home, our top priority is providing quality mattresses that help your sleeping patterns and benefit your health.  We specialize in designing high quality organic mattresses for adults and kids of all ages.  

We believe that the use of harmful chemicals that go into most ordinary mattresses are unnecessary, which is why build all organic mattresses with natural materials and zero harmful chemicals.  Our organic mattresses are GOTS certified, non-toxic, and fire resistant.  They are specially designed to protect your family’s health and provide a goodnight’s rest.  

Organic Latex Mattresses Benefits

  • Chemical Free:  Organic mattresses materials are manufactured with zero synthetic chemicals and pesticides.  
  • Hypo-Allergenic:  If you have allergy problems, organic mattresses are often recommended to help improve your sleeping patterns.  Chemical toxins or pesticides that are used in conventional mattresses can cause allergies to flare. With an organic mattress, people with bad allergy problems can rest assured they will have a worry-free slumber.  
  • Regulates Temperature: Organic mattresses are built to regulate body temperature.  Organic wool enables the mattress to do so by acting as a natural insulator, ultimately helping you feel cold in hot summer nights and warm in cold winters.   
  • Durability:  Compared to other mattresses, organic mattresses have a longer life expectancy.  Organic mattresses don’t break down easily and are built to be durable and flexible.  
  • Biodegradable:  Organic mattresses are beneficial to the ecosystem due to its ability to reduce your carbon footprint.  They are sustainable and have a minimal impact on the planet.  
  • Extremely Support:   Organic mattresses are extremely supportive on the back and spine due to its ability to conform to your body.  This allows the mattress to minimize pressure points and distribute pressure evenly to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Extremely Comfortable: Organic mattresses are as comfortable as they are good for the environment. Organic mattresses molds to the body and isolates motion, preventing any disturbance during your sleep.  
  • Infant Approved:  Organic mattresses are being the best option when it comes to buying a mattress for your child.  The natural products that go into organic mattresses create a cushion that helps sooth babies during their rest.  Organic wools also allow the mattress to regulate body temperature to help keep your baby comfortable and ensure they have an uninterrupted sleep.  

Ultimately, organic mattresses are the safer and more comfortable option.  Conventional mattresses contain toxic and harmful chemicals.  One of the worst chemicals used in common mattresses is fire retardants which make your mattress less likely to catch on fire.

Organic mattresses are not only the healthier option but the more comfortable option.  If you are looking to improve your sleep and a mattress that won’t negatively affect your health, call Gentle Home today.  Visit our store to get the best prices and deals in the nation.