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Spinal Care All Natural Bankers Hill Latex and Wool Mattress


All natural luxury at a fantastic price! Made here southern California, this is one of our favorite all natural innerspring mattresses. The Bankers Hill is a medium firm mattress with Talalay latex, wool and an organic cotton knit quilt on top of individually pocketed coils. Handcrafted and hand tufted. No polyurethane foam, no synthetic flame retardants, no foam encasement, no chemicals.


Bankers Hill
Bankers hill

  • The Bankers Hill latex and wool mattress is an elegant handmade mattress in southern California.
  • Covered in organic cotton floral design with a green border.
  • This mattress is encased in wool and organic cotton, this is done because wool is an essential natural fiber.


Bankers Hill

  • Wool resists clumping and bunching, will not shift and retains its superior quality in the variable conditions of humidity in your home.
  • Exceptionally breathable, wool wicks away moisture and transports it to dryer environments.
  • Excellent attribute of wool is its natural ability to resist mildew and mold which is an important attribute to consider in any sleep environment.
  • hypoallergenic fiber, dust mites do not like wool which is beneficial to you and your peace of mind. Wool is extremely flexible and durable and 100% sustainable fiber.
  • balancing environments, wool will keep you cool and comfy when you sleep.

Organic Cotton

Bankers Hill

  • Organic cotton of the Spinal care all natural Bankers Hill latex and wool mattress adds another natural moisture wicking fiber to the mattress.
  • This organic cotton works as a stabilizer for other natural fibers helping to preserve their integrity and extending their life.
  • Free of any fertilizers and chemicals and or pesticides which is essential for the integrity of natural products and your sleep environment.
  • Organic cotton is a Non GMO product.


Bankers Hill

  • Tufting is the traditional way of making remarkable mattresses. Tufting mattresses makes sure the premium materials in the bed do not shift or bunch.
  • Extends the life and pleasure you receive from your mattresses, because glues undermine the integrity of the raw fibers in mattresses tufting is a superior way to tie a mattress together.

Talalay Latex

  • Talalay Latex the highest quality sleep surface in bedding.
  • Latex of the Spinal Care all natural Bankers Hill latex and wool mattress is dust mite and mold resistant adding to the continued emphasis and health and wellness.
  • longest lasting and most durable sleep surface with the added benefit of sustainable and chemical free.
  • The Talalay Latex used in the Bankers Hill is totally natural
  • No synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of the Bankers Hill you can rest assure that the sleep and environment will meet if not exceed your expectations with.
Individual Pocketed Coil

Bankers Hill

  • Individual Pocketed Coils


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