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The organic trend is one of the biggest trends in recent years. It is also one of the most positive. All across the world, people are turning away from pesticides and GMO-crops, and making healthier decisions. California is the epicenter of this trend. San Diego is on the bleeding edge of this wave, and the people here have responded very warmly. Organic restaurants dot the beautiful landscape, and picking out the best ones was difficult.

  1. Haggo’s Organic Taco

    This is very much in the ‘only in San Diego’ category. Located in Leucadia, this place has absolutely raving reviews. Not only do they make organic food, they ensure that all of their food is locally sourced, so they are helping out the whole world as well as the community. The line between quirky and kid-friendly is often a hard one to toe, but Haggo’s pulls it off. Veggie tacos have proven themselves to be especially popular. If you are in Encinitas, swing through.

  2. Blind Lady Ale House

    The fact that that an Ale House is included may have jumped out at you. While this place is more known for its craft brews, a variety of artisanal pizzas are offered here. The Blind Lady Ale House is very community oriented, both in its events and its set-up. Share one of the long tables with some new friends as you taste one of the many craft beers they have on draft. Even better, share a pizza that has all local and all organic ingredients.

  3. The Red Door

    Here, the name of the game is sustainable. All of the food is farm-to-table, and you can absolutely taste the freshness in every bite. The Red Door is cozy without being claustrophobic. Because freshness is such a priority, the menus change depending on what is in season, so be sure to check this place out all year round. Let the ambiance of the place hit you.

  4. Lean and Green Café

    This place is not a restaurant as much as it is an institution for the people of La Jolla. This place will soothe your stomach and your conscience with a bevy of healthy, organic meals. For people who are on the go, this is the place to visit. The chill vibes exude the beach atmosphere that permeates the city. Our favorite part about this place is all of the fresh juices that you can get to slake your thirst.

  5. Café 21

    This café has 2 locations, but we wish it had a hundred. It seems like it is always happy hour here. The live music provides the sonic backdrop for a relaxed time. Middle-Eastern food is the style here, but no matter what you pick you cannot go wrong. When you have a hot date, this might be one of the better options. This place is nice and intimate.

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