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Top Ten Wesley Allen Iron Beds

Wesley Allen is one of the most reputable names in the furniture industry. They have been producing high-quality bedframes, benches and stools since 1976, and the quality increases every year. The company is most known for their iron furniture. Their products are not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they last a long time. One would expect nothing less of iron, after all. We believe in nothing but the best in terms of customer service, so we have narrowed it down to our favorite ten.

  1. Bradford

This look is for the bold. These geometric patterns in the frame make the look distinct, and fit really well in certain bedrooms. The solid hue is reminiscent of the Far East.

  1. Danville

Like the town in Kentucky, Danville is both rustic and elegant. This bedframe brings a certain personality to iron beds, and people who enjoy subtler frames tend to enjoy this one.

  1. Laguna

The tropical name instantly brings to mind the relaxation of the beach, and the gentle curve of it more than lives up to the moniker. Colors matter, and these gentle tones perfectly accentuate the calmness needed for sleep.

  1. Quati Surround

Often, you can say a lot by saying a little. This effortless design does exactly that, and the understated color and style fits in anywhere. The sleekness immediately makes any room look a little bit more upscale.

  1. Eldridge

Eldridge seems like it was ripped from Victorian England, yet still maintains a modern look. The sparkling glass finials seem to be magic. We appreciate the stark white.

  1. Marlow

When designing this bed, Wesley Allen was deliberate. The style is both minimal and intricate. Those who are looking for both intimacy and refinement would do well to give this bed a long look.

  1. Stonehurst

It seems as if this one speaks in an ancient mystical tongue as you bring the bedroom together. The gentle curves of the frame make every mattress look graceful, and the sophisticated floral designs enliven any bedroom.

  1. Dawson

This bed is becoming of a queen or king. The ornate central motifs smack of a crown and scepter, and it is difficult not to feel regal when lying on this bed. Pewter is used to great effect here, and this is meant for the most stately of bedrooms.

  1. Montgomery

Montgomery is downright bucolic, harkening to the gentle swaying of sunflowers on the breeze. This bed is impeccably well-contained. The straight lines fold into gentle curves, evocative of a wheat field. The timeless patterns in the frame make it absolutely irresistible.

  1. Lansing

This design was one of the finalists for the 2016 Pinnacle Awards, and we cannot say we disagree. This particular bed has a certain sparseness to it that makes it all the more beautiful. The look is balanced, and gives off an impression of being incredibly sturdy.

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