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Healthier bedding, Healthier sleep
This mattress contains Organic cotton, Organic Wool, & Organic Latex bedding with no synthetic chemicals. 7″ of pure sleep comfort and support!


Pure Latex Rubber Mattress


Organic latex rubber, wool, organic cotton, and nothing else! No synthetic materials, no fire retardant chemicals, no polyurethane, no polyester. Made to order and ships directly to you from the California factory. 7 inches of a pure, natural mattress. Long-lasting, very supportive while providing excellent support.

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Q: Do you use any man-made chemicals or petroleum-based materials in your products?
A. No. Mattress World is strongly committed to a true, natural and organic sleep experience. On our organic products, we never use any materials made from petroleum, polyester, or polyurethanes. Our base materials, our support materials, our threads and piping are all natural and/or organic.

Q: What sustainability measures are in your factory?
A: We are constantly striving to improve our environmental impact here at our facility. All of our foundations and box springs are made with Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. All of our inner-spring coils are made of recycled metal. We use paper-free invoicing and we recycle paper in our office and factory. Our shipping supplies are recycled and bio-degradable cardboard and recycled plastic. We are a styrofoam-free factory. We partner with the Mattress Recycling Council when removing customers’ old mattresses. Our workers all earn a living wage and work in a safe and clean environment.

Q: How long does shipping take? 

A: We hand-craft each item to order. Shipping times can vary by region and/or if you’ve requested a special order. For our standard delivery time, please allow 10 business days for non-custom items. Rush delivery is available.

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Our selected & reviewed organic mattresses are made from latex, cotton, wool and more!

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Our program centers on your best sleep and protecting our environment.

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