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There are more than a few instances where you may think you simply need a new mattress. A few common causes include moving to a new apartment, being sick of the old coils of your mattress, or simply wanting a change.

Although it is a rare case to have a mattress “emergency”, many people often wonder when they should buy a new mattress. Considering the various options for resolving sleeping issues and simply enhancing comfort, we often ask what new organic mattress might help with our lifestyle. This pushes us to search for the best times to purchase that new mattress.

Ideal Seasons

Purchasing a mattress during autumn or spring is your best bet. Most mattress vendors tend to restore their annual stock at these times. You may therefore find it helpful to use this seasonal period to find the most beneficial moment to purchase that new mattress.

Best Months… Or Month

Believe it or not, purchasing a mattress in May is your ideal time, and the justification behind it is quite simple. The mattress industry usually releases new products around the month of June. Mattress companies will sell these products all the way to September. When May comes, the companies want to essentially tidy up their older models, to make way for the new ones. Following this system, you may very well get the best deal on the market.

Plan Ahead

College students move into their apartments or dorm rooms in August and September. If you try to get a mattress second hand online during these months, you may find that people have drastically inflated the prices. You may want to consider thinking ahead a little bit, and getting a mattress before you need it.

Purchasing a mattress in May will help you when school season rolls around. Some mattresses can be rolled up or folded, which can help you save space. You can stick the mattress in a closet until it comes time for school.

We invite you to browse through a wide selection of high quality mattresses, and to find the best deals now! If you have any questions about how to pick a mattress, come visit us. When you need help picking the right mattress size, check out our blog post on the topic.