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It’s 2018 and you still have lower back pain? That should not be the case at all. Thanks to a whole host of posture and spine health options (everything from better office chairs, standing desks, regular chiropractic visits, and natural latex mattresses), you shouldn’t have to deal with any lower back pain at all.

Lumbar support is critical to living a normal and mobile life. When the lower back functions properly, it does its job with no pain. This does not just include the muscle, but the spine as well. If an area or your entire lumbar is damaged, or put under persistent stress, it leads to pain and rigidity.

Your lumbar and lower back should always have support, especially when you lie down for a good night’s rest. Keep reading to learn why.

Lumbar Support for Better Sleep

Many individuals who suffer from chronic back pain, or are just beginning to experience it, need sleep to help relax their body. During sleep, the major factor affecting the body, especially the spine, is gravity. This alone is enough to misshape soft tissues when you are resting on a mattress. This is why making sure you have lumbar support is crucial for your health, and for sleeping properly.

When sleeping, lumbar support also aids in preventing any potential back strain. Some postures and sleeping positions can highly affect the tension your back may experience. By using the proper mattress, and other bed accessories, you can ensure that there are no issues throughout the night, or in the future.

The Importance of Your Mattress

Many doctors will recommend latex rubber mattresses or toppers, for those with lower back pain. The latex rubber helps keep your spine aligned, and ensures the proper sleeping posture so that you do not experience back pain in the morning.

You can always go to a mattress store to test out various organic mattresses and find the one that is most comfortable for you, as everyone is different. You can also shop for organic sheets and pillows to add to your healthy sleeping.

Whether you want a certain size or a feature for your mattress, Mattress World has many options to choose from.

Sleeping Tips

There are many ways you can use lumbar support to its full potential. If you are planning on already purchasing an organic mattress, and even a shredded latex or molded latex pillow, all that’s left is your sleeping posture and habits.

For example, sleeping on your back with a pillow beneath your knees may help with your back pain. By laying flat on your back and placing a pillow underneath your knees, you will be able to keep the curve in your lower back, and the weight of your body will be equally distributed. Not only that, you will put less strain on your back, and build better alignment.

If your back pain goes as far as a herniated disk, you may want to sleep on your side arched in a fetal position. You can do this by laying on your back and moving over to your side. Then, tuck your knees toward your chest, and slowly curve your torso toward the knees. To ensure there is complete stability, make sure to switch from side to side a few times. Disks are the pads between your vertebrae, and the herniation occurs when a part of the disk pushes out of its standard space. When you begin the fetal position, you open the space between the vertebrae. This will help you stop any tension or pain.

Sleeping better and lumbar support are strongly associated. If you want to sleep better, there are many things you can do like purchasing the right mattress and sleeping in the right positions. Here, at Mattress World, we have all you need. Browse now!